10 Tips To Creating Your Author Brand

Sheena and Tamara chat about Creating Your Author Brand. Last week we discussed what an author brand is and why authors need one. This week we give you 10 tips to help you create your own author brand in this episode of The Write Stuff

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10 Tips To Creating Your Author Brand:

1 What do you write?

2 Who will be t adding it?

3 How are you different form competitors?

4 What’s your style guide?

5 Logo

6 Headshot

7 Website

8 Contact Page

9 Tag line/ elevator pitch

10 Media kit, bio, headshot, press release, book synopsis, contact info

About The Hosts

Tamara is a marketing professional and has helped Sheena build her websites and her social media presence.

Sheena started The Lesbian Review and The Lesbian Talkshow. She saw a gap for great content for listeners and readers. The Lesbian Review is now one of the biggest review websites in the sector.