10 Reasons Romance Rocks

Sheena is joined by Tara today to talk about 10 Reasons Romance Rocks and is an important genre and should be appreciated not laughed at or made fun of.

The 10 Reasons are:

  1. Smart women write them and smart women read them.
  2. Romance novels are difficult to write and super competitive.
  3. Readers need to believe in love and forever.
  4. Romance novels can take you out of the world.
  5. They show positive examples of women going after their own pleasure.
  6. Romance authors do their research, so we can learn a lot.
  7. Romances spread across all genres making them available to any book lover.
  8. It gives you a two sides perspective on romance rather than the one sided view we have on life.
  9. Just like pop music is the biggest selling music, so romance is the biggest selling genre and there is no reason to listen to people who are naysayers.
  10. Romances support the book industry.

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