10 Best Lesbian Podcasts

These are our 10 best lesbian podcast list. We all love a great podcast and when it’s lesbian it’s even better so sit back and enjoy.

You should know that some of these are my own podcasts but I am completely unbiased, okay well mostly unbiased.

In no particular order, these are the 10 best lesbian podcasts around:

1 Les Talk About It

Join Sheena and Tamara as they chat about lesbian myths and theories such as LBD, Gaydar and how easy it is to be in a lesbian relationship.

The show aims to uncover stereotypes and myths in the lesbian community while looking at studies that have been done to see how true the stereotypes really are.

A fun, short podcast of 10 – 20 minutes a week.

Catch this podcast on The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel on

2 Harper Bliss and Her Mrs

Legendary author Harper Bliss and her brilliant, publisher wife (Caroline) do a mini podcast segment every week. During the podcast they answer questions from listeners about writing and publishing.

Some of their more popular shows include Can You Really Make Money From Lesbian Fiction? Three Pieces of Software Every Author Should Use and Building Your Mailing List.

These 15 minute podcasts are a must-listen for authors and publishers everywhere.

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3 The Lesbian Lounge

Denise is a fantastic hostess as she chats about all things irreverent on The Lesbian Lounge. Hang out with her and guests as they converse about a range of lesbian themed topics.

Denise is also very connected to the happenings in the world of lesbians. A fun, raucous podcast.

You can find The Lesbian Lounge on the MyLesbianRadio.com podcast channel on Podbean 

4 Les Do Books

Join reviewers from The Lesbian Review, Brooklyn and Tara as they chat about their latest reads and which books they would recommend.

Every now and then they will have a guest reviewer join them to discuss books. If you are a reader then this is the perfect podcast for you.

They also have a Facebook group Book Club that goes hand in hand with the show. It’s a fun new way to chat about books and make friends. Note, this is a non discrimination group so anyone is allowed in as long as they play nice with others.

You can find this bi-weekly show on The Lesbian Talk Show channel on

5 The Lesbian Book Club

Clare Lydon, the queen of lesbian rom com, runs a great podcast on My Lesbian Radio called The Lesbian Book Club. Here she chats to authors about their work, motivations and thoughts behind their novels.

This podcast is a great listen for anyone interested in lesbian fiction and looking to hear from the authors themselves.

Clare is a fantastic author in her own right and can often delve into topics that only a writer would think to ask. All in all a fun show and worth a listen.

Find her podcast on her site or on the My Lesbian Radio podcast channel on Podbean

6 The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast

Heather Rose Jones, author and lover of history has created a unique and excellent podcast about real lesbians in history. In this mini, once a month, podcast she gives us the stories of real life lesbians from women who dressed as men to those who wooed women away from their husbands.

If you thought fiction was entertaining then you should try real life.

A brilliantly researched and beautifully narrated podcast that will entertain and delight.

You can find it on the last Saturday of every month The Lesbian Talk Show channel on

7 Lez Geek Out!

Join authors and all round awesome women as they chat about popculture and women’s representation in media. They are funny, thoughtful and all round awesome.

One of the most popular shows on The Lesbian Talk Show channel on

8 Curves Welcome

Suzie Carr does a fantastic podcast focusing on her lessons learnt and life advice. Not only is she an author and marketer, but she is also full thoughtful and interesting insights.

You can find her show on The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel

9 Women and Words

Jove Belle and Andi Marquette do a weekly roundup of what’s happening in the world of lesbians. The show is a spinoff of their Women and Words website and showcases some of the exciting happenings in the world of female writing. They focus strongly but not exclusively on lesbian fiction.

Jove and Andi are a dynamic, fun podcasting duo and this show is a must for anyone who wants to keep their fingers on the pulse.

You can catch the Women and Words podcast on The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel

10 The Lesbian Review Podcast

Join Sheena as she does best of lists with an assortment of guests. Think of this as a podcast version of the The Lesbian Review website.

Find this podcast on The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel

11 The Write Stuff

Join Sheena as she does in-depth interviews with authors and publishers. The aim is to gain valuable information about writing and selling books. Topics range from Making Money As An Indie Author, to Newsletters, Social Media Marketing and more.

If you are an author, aspiring author or even a publisher you can learn something from this series.

You can find the show on The Lesbian Talk Show channel

We hope you enjoyed discovering some of the best queer podcasts on offer and let us know if you discover a new lesbian podcast that you think we should be listening to.