Lez Gek Out! Wynona Earp

Andi and Lise rave like crazy women over the TV show Wynonna Earp. Andi is pleased that she pressured Lise into watching and turn her into an Earper.

What Wynonna Earp is About

The show starts with the lead character, Wynonna Earp, coming back home to the town called Purgatory. When she arrives, she discovers that she is the great-great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp. The original Earp was a legendary law maker who battled a range of supernatural beings, including demons, using his gun – the Peacemaker.

Now, on her 27th birthday, it is Wynonna’s job to keep her family and friends safe from the forces of evil that inhabit the Ghost River Triangle where Purgatory is located.

We also discover that the 16 inch barrel special, Peacemaker is not the only thing handed down from generation to generation in the Earp family. All of these bad guys are ones who have previously been put down by Wyatt Earp must be killed again because every generation they rise again.

With a band of friends and unlikely heroes, Earp sets about getting rid of the evil that now roams free.

What that synopsis doesn’t tell you is that this show is full of women’s and feminist badassery, a F/F relationship, and explorations of relationships between all the characters, and that’s no doubt due to showrunner/show developer Emily Andras, also of Lost Girl fame. So that should give you an idea that there is awesome throughout this show, and Andi and Lise STRONGLY recommend it.

In This Show You Will Find Out

  • What Earpers are and why they are awesome
  • Why this show is gaining a cult like following
  • Who Andi and Lise’s favorite characters are
  • Some fun moments from the show
  • How the fandom campaigned to get season 2

Did you know?

  • The show first aired in April 2016.
  • Syfy acquired the U.S. rights to Wynonna Earp from SEVEN24 Films and IDW Entertainment.
  • Syfy then went on to order an additional 12 episodes.
  • It is now available on Netflix as well.
  • Andi is doing Season 2 recaps at her personal blog.

Listen to the episode here

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