Random Jello shots, oven wenches, and Ace rep

Random Jello shots, oven wenches, and Ace rep – with Andi and Jove

Andi and Jove talk Halloween and decide they probably would accept an alcoholic beverage from an unknown adult herding kids around on trick-or-treat night. They would also like to remind folks that just because you’re of the lady species, it doesn’t mean you can’t fix your own bike. And who doesn’t like a headless horseman story for Halloween? Ichabod Crane was a geek before it was cool.

21 Oct.: Call for submissions! Pirate wench stories.

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21 Oct.: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta joined us with something a little different; a not so good experience on what was advertised as a women-only bike ride but…have a read.

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22 Oct.: Author Jae joined us to talk about her latest romance, Perfect Rhythm, which features an asexual lead character.

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  • Asexuality Visibility and Education Network website

23 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Yvonne Heidt stopped by with a touching story about a Vietnam veteran.

24 Oct.: Author, lesbian herstory icon and Women and Wordster Lee Lynch had a visit from author Jane Fletcher and did some bird-watching and exploring of the surrounding Oregon environs.

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25 Oct.: Author Barbara Winkes stopped by with a reminder to writers to keep focused on your writing, no matter the kinds of distractions that might come up.

26 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess thinks that sometimes, it’s okay to distract yourself from the crazy and how about doing that with a yard sale? Here she’s got some wryly funny tips for you.

27 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette posted an audio reading of her Halloween tale and reboot of a classic American ghost story, The Secret of Sleepy Hollow. AND SHE’S DOING A GIVEAWAY. Win a copy! You have until Halloween Eve.

Jove reminded us that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is write (ha ha see what I did there) around the corner, beginning November 1 (which means 12.01 AM on November 1 cuz people are that into it). Dirt Road Books is offering a motivation group and some of the DRB crew are doing NaNoWriMo this year, so please join us! HERE IS THE INFO. Be a writing buddy to Michelle Teichman, Jove Belle, Gill McKnight, and maybe Andi Marquette. She’s being indecisive.

ALSO! Jove and author Blythe Rippon will be at the Read With Pride Northwest event in Seattle November 4, at the downtown Seattle Public Library. Come on down!

And in case you’re curious about the Supercorp fanfic Jove mentioned, in which Kara is Ace, here’s the link. Seriously, if you’re Ace, let us know about the accuracy of this rep and PLEASE provide us with more links and sources for Ace rep. Thanks! Oh, that goes for bi, trans, pan, genderqueer…rep! Bring it! So we can share with our readers.