To flush or not to flush. That is a question.

To flush or not to flush. That is a question.

Women and Words Overview 3-9 March 2018

I just listened to this #Podcast - To flush or not to flush. That is a question. - you can find it here

Andi and Jove manage to hit all the right buttons this week and actually record the show. Jove tells mom stories and, you guys, she’s gonna be a grandma! Omg!!!! Help her think up traditions to commemorate the new arrival. Also, Andi loves Heather Blackmore’s dialogue and important things were learned about Venetian toilets.

3 Mar.: Women and Wordster Ann Etter joined us for a Reader’s Perspective with a discussion about books featuring different kinds of protagonists, including anti-heroes and women struggling with issues.

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4 Mar.: Author Heather Blackmore stopped by to talk about her latest release, It’s Not a Date, and to give us an excerpt.

6 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster Penny Mickelbury had some thoughts about young people and how they’re doing amazing things and leading the charge for social and political change.

8 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde discussed her experiences with Venetian toilets. Important things were learned.

9 Mar.: Women and Words Q&A with author, poet, and director Ji Strangeway, whose forthcoming work, Red and Blue, will soon be available.

Dirt Road Books will be at ClexaCon (5-9 April in Las Vegas); come say hi! And don’t forget the Dirt Road Books writing challenge, #mybook. Go to the site, pick a cover, write a book. Submit. You might just win a publishing contract. Speaking of ClexaCon, Andi and her Lez Geek Out! colleague Lise MacTague interviewed some of the directors/organizers. Check it out.