Fudge Doodles. Also, writing can be kind of hard

Fudge Doodles. Also, writing can be kind of hard

Women and Words Overview 9-15 June 2018

Oh, my God, you guys, Andi and Jove ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT WRITING this week. WTF they don’t even know what happened there. They also ramble on about Pride, Fiona Zedde’s travels and Val Agab’s awesome gaming suggestions. Andi is kind of fascinated with the gaming world but Jove points out it can get expensive. Dang it.


9 June: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta talks about audio books and books in first-person POV and why she likes them.

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10 June: And speaking of audio books, author Genta Sebastian is pleased to announce that her award-winning YA book Riding the Rainbow is now available as an audio book. And she’s doing a giveaway…

11 June: Author and Women and Wordster Jessie Chandler is on the Pride circuit this month doing her T-shirt-selling thang (and other awesome sundries like hoodies).

13 June: Women and Wordster and writer/fangirl/gamer Val Agab stopped by with some trailers of some really cool-ass games that are launching.

14 June: Author, Women and Wordster, and all-around gallivanter-in-chief Fiona Zedde is in Romania, and posted some great photos. And yes, she visited Dracula’s castle…

15 June: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette is on a tear about the midseason finale of season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead.

AND! Reminder, y’all, that GCLS (the Golden Crown Literary Society) is having its annual lesfic convention in Las Vegas 4-8 June. Also, if you’d like info about the Portland (OR) women writers group that Jove is part of, drop us a line at Women and Words and she’ll hook you up with the info. ALSO! Dirt Road Books wants YOU to write a book for the #mybook project. Go to THIS PAGE, pick a cover, and write us a book. Best book wins a contract. WOO!