Vanessa Raath Gets Interviewed

Thought Leader and Talent Sourcer, Vanessa Raath Gets Interviewed on this episode of Seize the Day with Natalie Miller-Snell.

I have an exciting show for you today.  I am joined by the incredible Vanessa Raath, Thought Leader and Talent Sourcer.  Her career is vast, from working with young children to teaching people to scuba diving in SE Asia and now she is changing the way recruiters look for new talent.

Vanessa lives by the mantra “Life is too short to work in boring jobs”.  Her insights are truly enlightening.

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you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller-Snell during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to grab those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all it’s Thursday I’m Natalie and you are listening to seize the day now I have a really exciting show for you today I’ve got a friend of mine on she is a fantastic woman her career is fast she’s gone from working with young children to teaching people how to scuba dive in Southeast Asia and she’s now known as the talent sorcerer and is a thought leader in the field living by her own mantra life is too short to work in boring jobs please put your hands together for the incredible finesse era [Applause] [Music] how are you man how’s that that’s of good in you my face okay really good now people would get straight away where are you from where is that accent I’ll talk a little bit more than they can tell me okay I’ll let them know I’ll put them up in Missouri I’m a South African and you’re a based in Joburg at the moment I’m Johannes Berg and South Africa did a bit of time over in the UK which is where I met the lovely Nets but now I’m back home in sunny South Africa Oh today is what today it’s pretty much getting towards the end of winter now today’s the first to have it actually fought hard from the long term oh now on your point we met I think it’s 2002 when I change my sounds about right sounds about right yeah yeah those days of living in London or whatever blue white months and you’re back in sa now you’ve had an incredible life let’s talk about how it all started one of the one of the reasons I wanted to get you one is Vanessa has transformed her life and is pushing forward in great leaps and bounds and it’s incredible to see actually from this side of well north of the water you know traveling up from the northern hemisphere it’s quite credible what you’ve done going from all of your early days on and literally going through a career which has been vast and amazing and you can touch on that but into the kind of industry that you’re in now where you are you know you’re a thought leader in what you do you’re known as the talent Hotel at Hunter which is your company name absolutely what you are doing and the conference’s that you’re attending and the inspirational talks and just kind of educating and helping people get forward in the workplace and so forth tell her everybody had it will start bit about you so so pretty much my belief is that you must do what you enjoy doing it and if you’re not enjoying it anymore you you need to make a change and I don’t believe that we were made to sit on one career for our whole arts you know gone are the days when you sit in one job for 30 years and leave with your gold watch and start your retirement so I think I’m on ma I don’t know a fourth or fifth career right now and I’ve loved every single one of them like her I haven’t left them because I’ve just liked him or I’ve been eaten by a big stick I’ve just found something else that caught my attention I thought wow I want to do that and I’ve moved on so you’re right when we met back in 2002 ours a schoolteacher you know working in South fields in London and you know teaching you seven and I love that it was fantastic and then I kind of scheduled her early midlife crisis and I moved to the battalion for a year but I’d give it up away and trained as a scuba diving instructor and the winds out there to go and train people to scuba dive and then move back to Johannesburg because then it was time I’d been away for like 12 13 years to move back to the family and fell into recruitment I went for an interview to recruitment agency and they said have you ever tried recruitment because I was trying to get into adult education and I mean bearing in mind I’d had to cut off my dreadlocks I’d be in the diving instructor for two years I’ve been living on a beach I borrowed clothes from my mom to attend the interview I mean that’s their self you know I don’t know an experienced I was or they had no understanding of the corporate world and fell into recruitments which then lead to an internal recruitment role which I’ve just left and now I’m working for myself again and I’m training other recruiters to recruit better and just I love the freedom of doing my own thing at the moment and I can just take on any work and I’m learning I’m growing and I’m really folding as you said on my markers in schools presented a quite a few international conferences now and a few more in the poplin so your laugh is just great and that’s why I love your podcast I think you know people try and put put themselves into boxes too much and you know if there’s something you passionate about just go out there and grab it and do it you’ll surprise yourself we spoke very briefly before we came on started recording the view that both fan and I share is when do you say yes to things doors open and when you think about what you want to do and you follow that lead it’s incredible what can come to you and when you’re you know Pat be patient about things or you make the contact but it is about taking that step forward and it is about coming out of comfort zones to a certain degree in order to do that you’re constantly challenging yourself and I think that that’s that’s you know what people do because I had to that recently I mean a certain the job that I love the people that I worked with phenomenon you still love them dearly but I wasn’t being challenged anymore and I kind of got stuck you know I should have maybe have lifted it like a six months earlier but I got stuck on what I was going to do instead of just taking the leap of faith and seeing what unfolded because since I’ve lived I mean I asked it okay I’m gonna leave and I’m gonna do an X and wha but since I have lift and I’ve thought about in thing I’m doing X and wha and amv end o and P and whatever comes my way that really takes my interest I’m not cool I’ll do that I like that and I think that that’s just the beauty of it you know so don’t leave because you’re scared of trying to verbalize what you want to do it will happen we can sit still can’t we and we can say I’ll do that tomorrow I mean and I I do do that still sometimes it’s easy to say not put you can put something off but when you do it the sense of satisfaction you get because you’ve achieved something already and you’ve completed something so it’s a it’s a kind of euphoric feeling almost and then that continues because you feel empowered to do something else absolutely a minute opens up more doors and then you do something for someone and then they go and tell somebody else what you did and then they contact you to say you did this from my friend can you do this for me and it just kind of snowballs in it look I’m just so busy at the moment I don’t know where to turn and I’ve never worked as hard as this or as many long hours but you know I love it and you know the big thing is that as long as you’ve got a support network around you and I’ve got a totally amazing husband who supports me and was the one who kind of said you know just do it I’ll support you and jeepers I’m just I’m smiling hey aren’t having the best time it’s just absolutely fantastic okay so let’s just chat a bit about what you’re doing and I think in terms of the kind of recruitment world and what that’s like because it’s very different to what it was 10 15 years ago absolutely things change and I think you’re almost reinventing the wheel which is why you are well everyone wants a piece of you everyone wants to get you involved and that whole kind of explosion you’ve spoken about what is it that you’re doing differently or at the end that you want to see change within the recruitment world and how everything is changing in order to actually get the best talent so so basically and the recruitment world has been turned on its head so it’s it’s no longer about a war for tenants that war for tenants is finished it was won by the candidates four or five years ago because we live in such a scarce schools kind of environment so now I like to call it that it’s a it’s a war for attention so what I’m doing is that I’m just trying to get people to from a recruiting perspective as I’m training recruiters to recruit in different places so I’m hearing from everyone that you know when I’ve checked within this and I say you know where do you find your candidates everyone’s telling me at they’re looking on LinkedIn and they’re looking on job boards or job portals or whatever you want to call it and for me we’re just recycling the same candidates so I’m trying to encourage them to do go off the candidates who are sitting like on Facebook or on Twitter because not everyone goes on to LinkedIn it’s not that popular with everyone and you know bow haunts for designers and architects and digital photographers and UI UX people is a great place to look for them and just to get people to kind of bring that human element better recruitment so you know don’t just talk to people when you’ve want to recruit them for a job build a community around you so what I’m trying to Train is to get recruiters to specialize in a certain space be an arty recruiter or specialize in the retail space or whatever it is but then build a network so when the roles come you already know using your network you already know you must be ready to leave where they’re working and just do things differently you know instead of being so reactive with your recruitment go and be more proactive have those communities ready and the Conor the days of posting an effort and seeing what response comes in you’ve got to go after the big guns in the market and the people who are standing out on social media you know the people who are presenting at the conferences who are have got an opinion those are your a player’s who we should be trying to hit hunt Yeah right and in that same kind of conversation but on the other side of the coin what what does anybody need to do in order to try to get the job they want now I mean we’ve spoken about seizing the day and going for your going for the opportunities because it will open the doors will open and you can push yourself forward but what does any one person need to do to make themselves stand out and I think you’ve touched on social media getting yourself out there may be doing the presenting it’s all coming out of comfort zones but so how does one person just get on and do that so I’ve actually grown my business really successfully so I launched on the 1st of April and I’ve used a tell me about it every Tuesday great day to start right so pretty much what I did was I haven’t made one called court and I’m literally now footy books until pretty much towards the end of September with training with sourcing all of those things which is fantastic I mean I haven’t have to pick up the phone and cold call and market myself once and I’ve literally done it all by using this growth hacking which is a type of marketing it’s very interactive and it’s a lot of posting on social media so you know I found that a lot of people are getting me into train their teams because they see that I’m training their competitors and nobody wants to miss out so it’s phenomenal it’s basically working for itself so whenever I finished my second day of training at the company we take a team photo we take everyone on LinkedIn or any other social media platform and then it’s kind of like hey look where I was this week look you are trained and then I’m sure a lot of people are booking my training out of FOMO or you know you can’t go on train like the competitors or something like that so look at your growth growth hacking it’s a very aggressive kind of way of marketing and it’s about interpreting your results and trying to make sure that you are you know you’re tweaking whatever you’re posting because different tweaks will get different results so I recommend that and so you know if you put something on social media as long as you don’t laugh because I’m not an advocate of that but you know put your best foot forward and I know a lot of people think that this could border on you know a little bit of arrogance but for me it’s it’s not unpromoted my business I’m promoting what I did different you can’t I mean it’s a fine line because you I think particularly with the written word people interpret things very differently so someone might read as being arrogant when actually you know it’s a level of confidence but that’s very true cuz I think you’ve got to sell yourself and you’ve got to put yourself out that you’ve got to be seen you’ve got to you’ve you’re you’re selling yourself and your your your your agent almost pushes and and you’re a great example of that I mean literally honestly I find it incredible watching what you’ve done online and seeing how you’re growing and as you say go from one conference that’s fine here flying there yeah it’s absolutely amazing amazing I mean to think about I mean that this this is the school teacher he was sitting in London now look what I’m doing that and I just think that you know the sky’s the limit and if you have the soft confidence in your abilities then you know you’ve got to take a calculated risk I mean that’s I’m not telling someone to leave a high paying job with like no money in the bank or you know no support structures but take it it’s a calculated risk if so if you’re sitting there new vacillating as to what you should be doing and i go back to my point earlier of i got too hung up on what else i would be doing instead of just giving myself the time to do it and you can’t do it while you’re sitting in full-time employment you got to kind of get out you’ve got to have all those coffee meetings you’ve got to meet people and and you’ve got to see what comes of it yeah i want to touched when something that you and I spoke about actually before we started on the podcast because I think this is really relevant for anyone who is listening because confidence is the key isn’t it you’ve got to push yourself forward you’ve got to do the network you know no one else is gonna do it for you Nets that’s why you’ve got to do it exactly and this you that’s got to push yourself forward so in terms of if there’s a fear is did you worry about things not working out the things going wrong can we talk about you said to me you did a webinar yesterday was I was on an international webinar I mean it was this was a laugh talk there were 600 people registered it was huge I mean I’ve been really nervous about it company out of the states called recruiting daily and I got onto the call at 6:00 chatted with the organizers for half an hour and then we kind of went live at half past six and I had kind of pushed it on all my social media platforms for like the week two weeks before I knew there were a lot of my mates on there a lot of South Africans and at about twenty to seven Mafra pan internet connection at homes dad so obviously lost the connection with the webinar and there were people hanging around it literally took me ten minutes to get back onto the webinar to get back to get the presenter arts to run through the PowerPoint presentation like it was just madness and so I did it I mean then I got on and I carried on with the the webinar but it was kind of like I don’t know whether it’s a laughs hysterically cry just Nick the bottle of one that was sitting next to that’s of my letter you know it was just one of those situation but I think that if you can kind of just recover and keep going with it then you’ll be alright at the end of the day you know if your tick goes wrong your tick goes wrong you know what yeah what can what can you do and you know I just kind of blamed it on like the poor South African Wi-Fi I’m sorry this is Africa you know lucky to never power failure in the middle you know exactly exactly so it’s yeah you know what I just think that don’t take life too seriously I think a lot of people are very hard on themselves and they get very stressed very easily and know it’s a whole thing without keeping up with the Joneses and am i doing right and stop questioning and just be you know be in the moment and that’s important it’s so important you’re right you’ve hit the nail on the head it’s it’s a now situation isn’t it and you know we’re all guilty of it we can all just hesitate and not do something but you’ve got to seize that I love that story and that experience because it just goes to show things can go wrong for absolutely anybody oh yeah you are in you’re a great professional your experience in what you do and yet this kind of thing still happens to you so it’s great but you know what I mean though it’s a great thing for everybody to understand who wants to make that leap it doesn’t matter if you say live in the moment I think on how you and you know you deal with it you know you did everyone’s human you know and and people were understand if you if you do make a mistake it’s really not the end of the world and I think that that’s something that which people need to realize because the upside of taking that leap is so much better like you know I’ll I’ll look at people who are in these high-flying corporate jobs and they just seem to be so overly stressed and I don’t know I just don’t know how they could yeah I have to say I look back actually at my other job I’ve just left and I feel so different but I know exactly you stay with some heavy I’m not really shy have you got into your old officers and seen like the stress each on people’s faces I’ve spent yeah I spoke to a few friends actually in fact I’m meeting some old colleagues tonight once we’re done I’m going to pop into town yes honestly and don’t you think that you that was you it was all crikey yeah and I what you don’t realise you and you realize once you take a step away and then you go back in and you see what was I thinking why didn’t I make the moves you know I don’t think they’re to be honest but I just think that how I’ve now got the stress I can put on me as is myself you know and I don’t know I just I just seems like a I feel I’ve got got more time for for laugh and my family and you know and if I’m if I’m going to work then the results I’m gonna reap the rewards yeah different feeling yeah yes what were these no more work-life balance there’s not even a week left in that’s now a work-life integration based on that yeah it’s all about the integration these these days and then it’s true you know you’ve got to have um a company that looks after their staff and if they need to depart during the day they understand because no one stops working at father’s such as their phone all fits face it no it’s a different world is this entirely different world and on that how are you set up now so you work from home you did where did I read you’ve got a standing desk so yeah so there was I’ve got a standard is so-so I don’t I’m not standing at my desk at the moment because my house is like a war zone because we redoing the bathrooms at the moment so if she’s sitting at my parents house at the moment doing this podcast with you so yes I work from it so I’m I submit hey nurse when I when I resign I pictured myself a lot more sitting at home in my pajamas wrapped in a blanket I head on my lap and working from home but because the training side of my business is really what took off first which is cool I love training I love sharing with people you know it’s just great as my passion I’m actually asking about so I have seen places in around Joburg and South Africa that I never knew existed so the other day I was so far out of town I was driving past fields with horses and there’s wow how far I was out of civilization to go and train a company that’s like based in the sticks but even more than that I mean I can’t believe that uptake from an international perspective so I’m training companies internationally in Canada and the states do bar in India and there was something that I never thought would happen from not that I didn’t think it would happen it’s just it never crossed my mind and now I’m having so much fun you know you know training companies you know from our food beach and where I stand at my standing desk and I can train and I could use my hands because I talk with my hands like jazz hands all the time it’s just so great I get to meet people all over the world that’s incredible and you know I’m pleased you came onto that because one of the things I wanted to ask you was and you mentioned just before we started talking it’s not just South Africa you are now working with it’s gone global it’s a much more international side of things is there I know the answer to this question but let’s go through it anyway is there a difference for me in the recruiting spaces that I yes or no but for me no one is sourcing candidates in new and exciting places and really trying to bring that human element back into recruitment so you know a lot of the recruitments going very tick so I mean at the moment is full of buzzwords you know AI and you know all of those things that are coming that all recruit is going to be replaced by robots and what other but for me it’s actually the tech is enabling us to bring back the human element and that is really really important because that’s what people want because no one was we picked up our check but let’s face it so for me it’s giving us an opportunity to really shine by showing our really good people skills and that’s what I love about it so I think globally people are not thinking out of the box when it comes to where they’re gonna find this talent and people are still hiding behind the tick you know so for example it’s let’s take a LinkedIn you know people who join links and don’t go on there every day so people seen a message someone on LinkedIn and there might only be picked up in like three months time so instead of doing that reach out to the person on Facebook because people on Facebook more regular than LinkedIn so it’s like the basics you know you know I love what you’ve just said because that happened to me the other day I don’t use LinkedIn I mean I’ve got a profile you know I’ve got bits and bobs on there I go in bar once a week maybe I see the little the numbers on the notification is just rack up and I just I don’t actually go in but I’m in Twitter I mean Facebook I mean all the social platforms so much more because I miss someone by a lot to week so it might been been three weeks I mean I said sorry I miss this so – so – I love it I love it I love it I love everything you’ve spoken about I think it’s incredible and I want to fire some fun questions your way so what was the last book you read okay the last book I read was a book called the great alone but Christina henna so I don’t read business books or motivational books the reason is is that that’s kind of luck my one time when I climb into bed snuggle up to my handsome husband and I pull out my Kindle and that’s that’s kind of like my relaxation time I read heaps I really actually do I read on holiday so so I don’t it’s not a business book but it’s a it’s a really good book about a family who the father suffers through the Vietnam War and they’re going in up living in Alaska and I actually finished the book how’s this flying back from Kate’s on last week when I’d been down there training and I had the ugly car on the plane because it was such a it was such a moving book there thank goodness there was no one on the seat next to me because I literally to take off my glasses and wash them you know when you’ve had such a crux I you know I love that though when you feel such emotion and how a writer is able to do that you know yeah bring out that raw deal I love reading feel I did yeah some good books I picked up from you as well actually yes um okay who is your biggest inspiration yeah I think oh there’s been so many people that have inspired me along my journey how from from different walks of laughs and you know depending on which career I’ve been working in like my old boss who I just finished working with I had a really good have a really good relation with him he was really inspiring he’s a great businessman you know even after like Nelson Mandela I mean amazing men I mean you get in prison for 27 years and you come out and you you know if it’s her and twisted about it I just think that we so that humans should spend more time being inspired and hearing each other’s stories as opposed to just being negative about other people and not listening to them and so for me I can’t put it on to one person I mean the whole international global sourcing community inspires me every day um yeah I don’t know just just so many too many too men I like that I went to a conference a couple of weeks ago now and sat in on a panel it was to do it’s an author’s to talking about stories how we get to plots and whatnot and it was about why we like the bad the bad girls or you know the a tricky very deep character and to touch them what you’ve just said the reason we like them is because we actually understand the depth of character and that’s what makes them in do and even though they could be a bad person understand yeah yeah so going back to what you just said about Nelson Mandela and how we don’t look beyond what we see is an outside book cover when actually there’s so much more behind there and if we can get inspired with what people do by learning to understand and actually given a little bit of time to learn I think that’s a great thing to do yeah no absolutely and I just think that everyone’s got something I’m fairly chaired and I mean I’m not Pollyanna don’t get me wrong but I just think that everyone’s got some good points about them and you know for any we would take more time to get people’s stories I think that’s why I love your podcast because I get to hear other people’s stories was that since you’ve travelled a decent amount what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten or tried so we’ve got this dition in Africa called Mopani wombs so it’s it’s like you see you mustn’t effort it’s a grub so more like a fete Silkwood can sing and what they do is their as they like froth him and I ate my pani wounds on one of my trips through Africa though actually really tasty tastes like peanut butter and some we’re survived always willing to try something once I can imagine you’re brilliant yes on a nicer day what’s your favorite ice cream flavor you see that this is a bit of a steady joke with her the family so every time we say we got a we have like a chocolate attack at home or an a scream attack and we’ll go off to shops to get a magnum my husband and son always turn to me and say you can’t have truck man fan and this is before we even walked into the shop do you have any other meghna you to keep quiet that’s up now cuz I always have chocolate I love chocolate I really enjoy yet so tockman magnum is that is that’s my game is my favorite I love it I’m with you Magnum yes yes yes very good give it a bash we’re coming on I am I have to try fantastic yeah all sober capes are know when you come up exhale yeah yeah okay tell be the first time I’ve been away from the UK for Christmas ever it’s not really Christmas yet stood blinking hot it’s too hot I know that’s gonna freak me out we said to the boys actually how do you feel about being in South Africa for Christmas Jamie says yeah I think I might die from the heat I’ll tell you what Smith Christmas Day on Kemps Bay Beach I mean you can’t go wrong right quite right I’m gonna look it out then okay and so I always ask everybody these two questions what was the last image he took on your phone no this is this is funny so before I actually came here I’ve been running around cuz I mentioned that they’re doing the renovations at home so the last picture that I took was actually of you in our chatting the ones previously were of shower doors because I need to go into shower doors for the town I was trying to talk to my husband at the same time as what’s happing in pictures of tiles of tips of shower heads of shower doors just so that he could help me choose you sitting in the office so that’s I’ve got a lot of sanitary we on my phone at the moment I’ve got that’s our rock and roll I am and then finally what is your most use emoji smiley face and I put on emails that put it all over the place that’s it’s become like a habit but I think it’s just really put amazes me and I’m very really don’t have a smile on my face and yeah okay right so finally to wrap it up what would you say to somebody and we’ve gone through a whole wonderful wonderful discussion about how to seize the day generally anyway but what would you say to somebody who sat down now listen to this they might be at their desk at work they might be pondering what to do next they might be wanting to go on an adventure write a book whatever what would you say to them in order for them to just get up and seize the day give them a little bit of a kick or inspire them I’m gonna in this with an African ISM bin and and there’s a there’s a famous African quote that says how do you eat an elephant with your funny food creation no the answer is in small pieces so it’s an African ism and basically is just like take a small step towards your goal every single day and and and like you you know be positive put it out there but just keep working towards it and things will start falling into place don’t overthink it but as long as you’re moving closer and closer to that goal you’ll be surprised how quickly you will reach their goal and that’s my best advice everybody find you so basically probably the best place where you gonna get hold of me is gonna be on on Facebook is Vanessa Raph that’s VA in ESS AR double-a th same on LinkedIn I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram too if you like Siamese cats follow me on Instagram I’ve got the futures well in the world and then my handles on Twitter and Instagram or at then underscore wrath or ath my website is vanessa roth calm my email is van at vanessa roth calm our answer to most names and smoke signals and whatever you’re comfortable on reach out to me i’m probably going to be there somewhere absolutely brilliant very inspiring yeah i have to say it’s been wonderful van and i’ve been trying to organize this now for one thing or another we do that we’ve had to postpone but this has been incredible just to see your face as well it’s been such a long time so yeah christmas time if i end up coming up to Joburg i’ll come say hi for sure this much I do a day trip yeah it would be brilliant let me know but remember I’m taking a month off for December and January here because that’s what happens when you work for yourself Wow everybody see I need to follow you brilliant thank you so much for joining me and thanks everybody for listening take care look after yourself keep well you have been listening to seize the day that Natalie Venice now all contact information can be found in the show notes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show