Sally Edwards, Founder of Warrior on Wheels Joins Natalie Miller-Snell on Seize the Day

In this show of Seize the Day, I am joined by Sally Edwards. Sally was awarded the Community Champion Award from DIVA magazine in 2018; she is a published author and is currently working as a life coach with people who have disabilities or long term health conditions.

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In the show we talk about:

What it’s like to grow up with a disability
How Sally turned negative situations into positive success
Sally’s career as a dancer and the benefits of dance
How Sally is helping others through coaching

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Transcript for Today’s Show

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you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller Snell now during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to grab those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all it’s Thursday I’m Natalie and you are listening to seize a day now I have a super exciting show for you lined up there’s a couple of things to tell you about not at least it’s my birthday whoa applause for me that’s right I am 21 again thank you very much and I totally look it over that healthy the healthy lifestyle I lead yes I’m obviously recording this ahead of time but today the 12th of December is my birthday so you know what I love this time of year Christmas or December is my favorite month for sure not least because of my birthday but Christmas as well which is utterly magical I love having children around me this time of year I mean I am I’m a big kid at heart anyway and the whole father Christmas magical story is super special and we you know we we go out of here full-on and no doubt you will have seen that already from my post so please bear with me because I am a Christmas junkie but I love this time of year so I’m filled with so much lots of energy and lots of joy and happiness at the moment which is wonderful and what else don’t have to tell you I have an incredible guest coming on in just a moment we’ve already recorded this show her name is Sally Edwards she is a very inspiring lady and she’s founder of warrior on wheels so in a couple of minutes that will you’ll get to hear her and then finally I’ve got a competition I’m gonna run now this is my first time ever doing a competition so I have no idea if this will be successful if you’ll be interesting what anticipated or it could just be a massive flop either way it’s all good we’re gonna do this so I’ve always said from the get-go that this show is about you this is about the listeners and I entirely incredibly grateful that you listen to the show it makes it worthwhile it’s why I do it and so I want to celebrate you because I don’t think that we celebrate ourselves enough and certainly when I’ve spoken with people either through the show or friends and family and even some of my guests actually more often than not we don’t actually register or look at ourselves and celebrate the wonderful opportunities that we’ve sees throughout our lives actually how we’ve taken advantage of things that have come up with you know we’ve taken the plunge and we’ve seized the opportunity so I want to celebrate you because I’ve had some wonderful guests on the show and I have no doubt whatsoever that each of you listening also has an incredible story and I think it’s worthwhile here in those so if you’re open the competition is this please send me through your Cesar day moments now you might not feel you have any but think about it chapter friends because I bet you have at least one if not several seize the day moments that are incredible so please send me through your Cesar day moments I will then read them out on a show and I will also enter them all into a draw which I’ll probably get my sons to help me with and choose a winner and I will announce the winner and you are then invited to come on seize the day and share your story with me so that ultimately a ultimate prize here is to come on the show with me and talk through your seize the day moment and anything else that we actually probably cover and how the conversation goes but I’m so excited so I hope you’re keen I really hope your yeah if you like the idea please send through you can do it anonymously if you’d rather not be entered into the main competition but send me through your seize the day moments and you’re going to into a draw to ultimately come on the show now in terms of dates and I’ll put this all in the show notes as well if you submit your Ceasar day moments to me by the 3rd of January so that’s in three weeks I’ll then pop them into a hat that weekend and on the 9th of January the show that airs that week I will both read out all of the Ceasar day all of the Ceasar day moments that I’ve got plus I’ll announce the winner and then will organize a date for you to come on I’m super excited I hope this works I hope you’re keen this is all about you this competition relies on you so I hope you take advantage seize the day that’s what this shows about seize the day come on chat to me I’ll absolutely love it we’ve got a Skype we’ve got xeam we can you know if you’re in a different time zone it’s not a problem but I hope you er I hope you’re keen and you get involved normal contact details for this Natali Miller Snell at send through your submissions to that email address and I’ll review them all in January I’m very excited now thanks for listening I’ve got an incredible guest like I say few to hear now contact details or in the show notes as normal I hope you’ve enjoyed this show hello a podcast lovers please let me introduce you to my guest today she’s an incredible woman she has been awarded the community champion award from diva magazine in 2018 she is a published author and is currently working as a life coach with people who have disabilities or long-term health conditions please put your hands together for the very incredible Sally Edwards it’s the way to do it I think we need to celebrate ourselves more sometimes you need a bit of a reminder of achievement thank you thank you for letting me be here I’m a big fan of the show so it’s a real honor for me to actually be on oh my absolute pleasure a we can maybe come on to that later actually cuz I know there’s a Cesar day moment in there for years and there which is there yeah what it’s all about so for everyone listening it’s the afternoon for us it’s a really gruesome day oh it’s so gray and rainy it’s a real traditional UK weather day is it the same with you where are you listening where are you I’m coming up my partner’s in Scotland and it’s it’s gray it’s like as if someone forgot to turn the lights on it’s really dark right there and gray and gloomy we’ve had rain over the weekend it’s like where’s the summer come on July Christmas coming I can’t wait actually you and you embracing the Christmas spirit what’s the date today it’s the 25th of November I love it do you like all that because I’ve got all the carols going on now with the songs on the radio yeah I tend to get more excited the nearer we get to it the build up I find a little bit frustrating you know when they start putting the the adverts on TV like end of October beginning of November I’m like wait it’s too soon it’s too soon but then sort of like ten days or so before actual Christmas Eve that’s when I really start to to get excited I’ve done no shopping yet whatsoever only over the weekend just decide what worked out what I’m doing what my plans are for the Christmas period so it’s all very last-minute but once I get going and I’m I’m in the spirit of it I really am in the spirit of it and I’m like a big kid no I know what you mean that’s what we’re actually really organized this year we’re off to South Africa for Christmas with my wife’s family first time for me being abroad I know hot weather I can’t wait but as a result yeah we’ve had to be quite organized in terms of getting the presents ready so we can take them with us so take an extra suitcase and take me with me absolutely okay yeah I’m so pleased that you got in contact and I’m really excited for this show so for those who don’t know you or don’t know anything about you and your story can you let’s start right at the beginning can we talk through your story for the listeners and what it was like growing up different I suppose and I don’t want to you know steal any of your thunder I thought I’d leave that for you to just yeah tell everybody about you okay well I grew up I grew up in rural drops yeah and I have a disability I have spina bifida and hydrocephalus which means I’m a full-time wheelchair user and up until the age of 13 I went to a special school and then the government and the law started to change in this country and they started to integrate more students into mainstream school so I was actually one the first students in the whole of structure to integrate from a special school into a mainstream secondary school so that in itself was a good change for me big eye-opener that must be quite incredible actually yeah how was that transition it was very hard actually the school itself was very old Victorian building with only certain building regulations that they were allowed to do at the time a lot of the lessons were in the classrooms the labs in the library they were all upstairs so I missed out on a good chunk of curriculum because I wasn’t able to get into the classrooms to actually learn so I had a number of additional lessons downstairs stood apart on a one-to-one with the tutor and yeah it was really really challenging and it was a big step up going from at the time I mean I’m talking early 80s here going from the special school educational kind of philosophy into mainstream education you’re talking early GCSEs and it was a massive jump up for me I’m an academic point of view but also it was probably around about that time that I all of a sudden occurred to me that I was very different I’d always grown up to feel quite normal whatever the heck normal is in its day and age but I’d always been embraced about my disability and there was encouraged to be independent and I had a really happy-go-lucky cheeky kind of disposition as a young person and you know life was great and I know there always was made to feel normal and part of the gang and that I wasn’t singled out for being different whereas when I went to school that all change completely I was the only disabled student in a school of about 600 pupils and yeah it was interesting the I had a lot of support I do have to say I do I I did have a lot of support from the teachers but it was new for them it was new for me was new for the school I was very singled out and unfortunately I went through lotta bullying for the first well to hold five years really that I was there on and off Suzuki being singled out being left out of groups I never went to a slumber party and never got invited to go meet any of the girls at the weekend or anything like that I was it was them and me right so it was quite isolating but that in itself s but I was looking back on it now was actually not not a bad thing because it I soon realized that this was the case and it was very much down to me to make this a success you know the success wasn’t them to be given to who me I had to make something of it myself out of my own character and I just dug deep I got my head down and just studied as hard as I could for my GCSEs and just made the best of it I mean that’s absolutely inspiring or inspiring to say the least because on the one hand listening to what you’ve got to say obviously the education system and I think you know what we’re trying to do in the world generally with anybody and everybody is a level of inclusion and making sure that everybody feels that they are part of the same since their work growing up however the interest enjoyed a dynamic in listening to what you were saying you’ve gone from being very well catered for and obviously you said you still had that support function moving into the school but by nature of a lot of the schools with their heritage in the building’s they don’t cater for anything they don’t have the money either probably to give you the opportunity to move around to therefore be quite involved with everything and everybody so that and it makes you isolated more as well so it’s an interesting dynamic and challenge in order to try to bring everybody together and then obviously unfortunately young children god they’re mean it really was one of those situations only the first situation in my life as a whole really where it was a case of right you either make it or it breaks you make it or break it and you know I really tested my own character and my values that I’d learnt you know from my friends and families and he is at that time for my other areas I really had to dig deep and make as big a success out of it as I possibly could Wow and seize the day I mean I seize the day yeah I mean it’s incredible Sally we all think we have struggles in life and we all you know when we do don’t get me wrong we all have individual different things that we have to face but when you hear your story and actually your courage and how you move forward despite having difficulties presented in front of you quite literally because of a disability but then also the other things that coming around it admirable so let’s talk about how you’ve turned what could have whoa are negative scenarios into fabric you’re dancing you’re writing it’s and now what you’re doing now which is obviously where I’m you know we really both what to talk about because you you’re doing positive things to help others as well in terms of what you’ve learned where you’ve come from but let’s do dancing I’m so fascinated to learn about this yes well that was a complete fluke that was a complete accident I was talking 2025 years ago now I was working I was on one of the government training and employment schemes working in a a day Center for adults with physical disabilities as a trainee carer and the dance coordinator for mine from my bora approached our day center and said that she was having a specialized dance company come up from london to do a week’s residency and were any of the members of our day center and interested so they got a group of the young people there to go along and then they wanted to obviously take four or five members of staff as a support system you know to help with lunch and there at general access needs so I was approached and said would I’d be interested because my manager at the time knew that from when I was at school I was very much into drama and I was into music and things like that and I thought it would be something that I would be quite interested in she should go along and support as best you can but participate as well you know be a participant so I said yes okay thinking it was going to be a really easy lead and you know not really thinking too much about it and I went there on the first day and it was like wow this this whole world this the sort of the ethos that the company had and that their work the way that they worked with people with and without disabilities combining together to create movement with each other regardless of your physical restrictions and disabilities they enhance those they embrace those and a creative movement around that to sort of put that a positive spin on all of that rather than it being the negative sort of have got a disability sort of thing it was it was celebrated the difference was celebrated and for me that was just like so of whelmingly incredible and I was I was sucked in from them from that moment on so we did we did that we did that for a week which culminated in a live performance in our local theatre on the Friday was four day residency with the performance on Friday so there we were on stage you know it all our friends and family and I was like wow this this is a real opportunity I’d spend all of my life until that point in a lot of situations shying away from people looking at me and being very aware of people staring at me children pointing and triggering them asking their parents questions and parents pulling their child away from me if they go and try and come over to me to say hello I’ve actually gone from that to being center stage in a big theatre saying okay now look at me look what I can do this is what I’m capable of if I’m trained with the right people with the right attitude to go along with it this is what I’m capable of and for me that that was life changing big time yes I mean I’m beaming it’s just wonderful and listening to your words and as well in terms of how it made you feel not different not how other situations had made you for you perception in terms of what you’re capable of because everyone can do something or anything when you put your heart and soul into it particularly it’s something that thrills you as well in that hope but idea for me just the basic concept of bodies working together and being in physical contact with other people you know what was quite alien to me as a wheelchair user in a disabled person the only real physical contact I’d had from other people up to then was like with my family and people from the medical profession you know being poked and prodded and operated on and stuck needles in and you know and whatever yeah it was a very very different kind of physical interaction but their stunts no and the evocative nature of all of that and what that did for me spiritually and and what that did for me in terms of my own identity as a woman and as a human being that could look at themselves and regard themselves as being sexually attractive and all those things are sort of all things about my sexuality really came to the surface for me through all of that because I was given that opportunity to explore and explore physicality between human beings and the disability was disability was kind of in the background was ignored yes yeah the human aspect of it was was put on the spotlight and that for me was it was quite overwhelming actually I I had this light bulb moment I always tell this story on the first night after the first day on the Monday I went back home I was still living with family at the time and I was the first person to get back from work or college or whatever whatever and I went into my room and we’d had a power cut so I was sat in the dark I was just laying on my bed listening to my music just analyzing the day just thinking about it and I literally it was almost like a light bulb moment it was almost like that aha sees day this is what I want to do this is who I can be this is who I can really come out of my shell and and and be the person that I want to be and do something that’s great for me but also shows a good example to other people that may be in the same situation as me hi yes it’s possible exactly there’s so many things you’ve just spoken about there I inspiration first off in terms of what you do because we all look to role models we all want to see somebody particularly if you’re in a in a bad place where you’ve got to a dark place in your life and you just don’t know how to move on or what to do you look to see who else is around you who’s similar to you what are they capable of doing and that can inspire you to push you forward because sometimes we all need a little bit of a prod or you know encouragement to move but then when you were just talking about the physicality of dance and just general human contact I’m right behind you I am a real believer and I’d be really interested to get listener feedback on this but I kind of feel as a human race and species that contact and physical connection is actually hugely important to helping us move through I mean listening to what you said there it sounds like it was it life transforming in terms of that aspect absolutely I mean it’s you can learn so much from from a person just by having physical contact with them on on a very very basic level you could learn so much and it breaks down so many barriers I mean the times I went in later on in my career was as a workshop leader with the company that I was working with times I went in and worked with people that you know the staff would say oh you won’t get anything out of some so she’ll just run around the room and do her own thing you know just just ignore a sort of thing but there was something that happened that when I’ve repaired a time if I would relate to that individual person and just have a little bit of contact with them not that not necessarily physical but eye contact just recognizing that they were in the room by the end of that week that person was dancing with everybody hmm you know and that happened time and time and time and time and time again and it and it I think it speaks I mean not only very passionate about dance and I think it for me I think it would solve a lot of problems in the world if more people were able to experience the type of dance expiry answers that I went through because it breaks down barriers you don’t need to have you don’t need to worry about verbal language because dancing itself is a language you don’t need to communicate you don’t need to have the picture-perfect body that you see on posters you know you you know it’s it’s a universal language that I believe more people if they had access to they’d be there be a lot more willing to be a lot less and gather be a lot less sort of segregation between races you know in communities within the world and it would just I think really educates you from a very basic human point of view in terms of how to accept everybody and appreciate everybody for what they bring and not for what they don’t have yeah and I think that’s I think that’s really important wonderful until you still dance now I don’t unfortunately yeah later on in my career I I had a bit of a flute accident on a day off and I got a thing a really bad back injury so I after 17 years I had to retire from Dance 17 years oh yeah so now I’m that time between leaving and now with what sort of other exciting things well let’s talk about them because there’s a perks and they come on to the what you’re doing now which is absolutely fantastic so you’ve got three published novels I wanna make sure I get this right so no we expect before you’ve got a child’s a children short story as well poetry collection with a mental health theme and a guide to make health kite lovely talk the listeners through all of those okay so I’ve got three novels that I brought I’m I wanted to bring fiction into the world that included disabled people within the LGBT community because I felt that that was something that was really lacking something that I felt I was very aware of going out sort of acting about different events and theatres and festivals things like that there are very few people there with disabilities and it made me realize that we were again we were a minority within a minority group because of all the external factors surrounding being able to access these things if people were reluctant to go out so that the people there weren’t enough people out there that I could see so I wanted to try and address that by having some material out there that people could read that was real through it through a book but I could actually bring some of my own life experiences in terms of problems with access problems with attitudes discrimination and all that sort that type of thing and and how I’ve overcome that I sort of used my own personal life experiences throughout the three different books to actually make a to actually for people with disabilities from the LGBT community to say wow somebody’s actually writing some material about what we go through so it serves them but it also I you know I’ve done it because I want to educate people other readers as a whole that you know this is what happens this is the reality and this is what we’re faced with sort of things so it has a two-edged sword it’s entertainment but it’s also educational but it’s all based on fact there’s you know there’s artistic license you know some of the things didn’t happen but some of the areas around some of the things that may have happened in the book may have happened to me or other people that I know there were close to over the years that have happened to that I’ve sort of exaggerated here and there but it’s it’s based what basically happens to a person with a disability out there trying to access the LGBT community yeah I think that’s great engineer would I I’m not disabled I’d you know forgive me if I ever use any language or I don’t say things in quite the right way because you know the the intention is to learn I want to know so much about different people in the world and how everybody how we all live because I believe in the core in deep down inside we’re all very very very similar in how we want to get by in the world you know there’s about love success and and just a desire to be seen I coming with a disability and not having any idea from my point of view what that’s like to read your books would be fantastic because you’ve got first-hand experience and I don’t suppose and many people that will be listening to this podcast will have any clue about the challenges that an individual might have if you have a disability however they can also be a phenomenal amount of people who will identify with anything that you talk about either on this podcast or in your books that yeah I struggle with that or I’ve had this or again somebody to look up to and be inspired by yeah precisely and those about those are the reasons why I did it and I did it add to frustration I wrote the first book out of frustration because I was going out and about into the community and I felt very isolated and I was turned away from lots of different events and things happening because of access and I felt that I was being pushed away and not given the same amount of access to sort of things that were going on and it was a frustration I thought well nobody else is creating this work no one else is actually speaking on our behalf to actually make community as a whole more aware of this is why we’re not around it’s because of this this mess nobody else is writing about it then I’ll have a go and literally the first book came came about out of frustration and it was just I was just very very fortunate and that it was picked up by a publisher and was published and that’s how that all really got started once I wrote that one I got the bug I absolutely do you know I mean this whole thing and why I love this show and why I love the guests having to show and why I’m loving your story you’re taking advantage of opportunities you’ll season them and you are not letting anything stop you despite you know you’ve got a disability and that doesn’t matter because you’re still applying yourself and you want to succeed and you know you’ve danced you’ve written stories you’re addressing mental how which I imagine I mean it’s a really fabulous that it’s such a big topic at the moment I’m really encouraged because far too many people suffer in silence and we hear all the terrifying stats of young men actually who had taken their lives more and more because they’re not talking so I think it’s really important and I suspect within the the disabled community you know listening to what you said about your childhood when you have knocks and daily life people not notice in you or it’s going to affect you mentally it does it does it it’s um it’s quite it’s actually quite um once you start opening that can of worms even just from my own wife’s point of view it it gets it gets very very messy and it’s very evident that you know that life was always going to be a struggle and it and it does it does take its toll on you it depends on your own circumstances ready or you have the right support mechanism or whether you’re in a situation where you’re dictated to and not really allowed to be the person that you want to be because because of your needs and your disability people tend to live your life for you and do things for you rather than you having a choice you know and that that can take its toll on people a lot of people that I know and people that I’ve come across you know live their life just focusing on they’re all I’m disabled and don’t think outside of the box they don’t think about what they can do but what they are capable of what do they like some and some people go through their whole lives without even living independently and just staying the family and or going in into institutions and not having that luxurious and that basic human right of living independently and and forging relationships and families and that sort of thing and that in itself that that has a major impact on on a person’s mental health and that’s on top of whatever the person might be feeling physically because of their disability pain or you know well turn pain long-term discomfort going back back and forwards to the doctor to the hospital for various tests and procedures and whatever physio you’ve got all of that on top of all the mental stuff as well and and it can be really really hard if you let it yeah if you let that escalate and get buried under all of that it’s very very difficult to see the wood for the trees at the end of the day oh yeah Wow what you’ve just said and I think for anyone who who’s listening who is struggling for whatever reason I think in terms of mental health or you know disability and you need to talk to someone please get in contact with your GP first and foremost and yes greatest service at that at the moment I know there’s a lot of talking services and therapies that are offered it is important to talk and obviously we’ll come on – what Sally’s doing now but fundamentally reach out to people because there are a lot of communities there’s a lot of wonderful people who are there to listen and to help and you know kind of push you in that or support you moving in the right direction thank you for being an awesome listener and supporting tilt the channel that brings you all the podcasts you want to hear you’re listening to talk find more podcasts on the Lisbon talk show calm in terms of what you’re doing now Sally I mean turning all of your experience all of your situations all of everything you’ve gone through you now want to help folks with disabilities or long-term health conditions because you have experienced yourself you’ve been through a number of situations you know how it feels so what is it that you’re doing now how are you helping people and what is it that you want to what’s your message for anyone listening to help support them if they have a disability or anything else for that matter what is it that you’re now doing you’re not on your own you can talk to that are going through exactly the same thing if not it’s not exactly the same than similar situations to yourself there is help out there I had a I had another light bulb moment back in May this year I was I’d not long released my third novel and I was really struggling to sort of get the energy and the excitement to sort of promote it at that point I put a lot of work into producing it myself and without taking them the resources of other people and I found that really draining and really tiring and I sort of wanted to step away from writing for a little while I’d found it a little bit too much I was unwell at the time myself and I thought right I’m gonna just have a break and then I came across a coach a business coach that was advertising online and I joined she was offering a free five day workshop course with her online which I did and she asked a very interesting fundamental question what is it that lights you up what makes you happy what excites you what gives you that thrill that you’ve got things that you’ve done in your life from whatever aspect of your life you want to pull that from what is it the lights you up and I instantly I reverted back to what I loved about dance and being that role model and seeing other minimis if you like going with schools and seeing sort of eight nine ten year old little girls in their wheelchairs as I roll in with my the rest of my gang and all our equipment and seen their faces your posture and I knew what I knew what it meant for me when I went on that first workshop and how powerful that was for me in terms of my own identity as a disabled person and I felt that by being in that role as a dancer I was doing that for other people and I was helping them turn their own mental attitude towards their disability from negatives to positives and that’s what really like lit me up and I thought well okay that’s that’s what lights me up what where do I go from there what do I do and I thought coaching supporting other people life coaching and I’ve just done really since then I said I set up all my social media for it back in May website Facebook page Twitter Instagram and started doing lots of advertising set myself up a website I’ve now got clients only been going since May and I’m absolutely loving it yeah I have read regular clients throughout the week my diaries getting full and it’s I’m loving it and it just it shows me that I was right my my instinct was right that they people there’s people out there that really need the support there’s an opportunity to actually you know just be a couple of words that you give that could lift somebody’s spirits or for them to know there’s somebody there who’s been there done there who’s been there gone through it got the certificate worn the t-shirt sees the day starts written and it’s now helping others you know it’s such a positive outlook for somebody to know that they you know you can’t do anything you kiss it’s incredible so now I think what you’re doing is absolutely tremendous and and my RT was it was it the your course that she said it’s her or you wanted to contact to come on the show yes that was your season that day moment what are you gonna do from a business point of view how are you gonna get your word out there and I said well first things first there’s podcast that I really want to go on she said well what you’re gonna do about it and I said oh I’m not sure so then the next day I thought right seize the day do it so I inbox you hurry up we’re doing it so this is the incredible thing about life and I’m hoping these shows demonstrate that or you know they’re fabulous people that come on and some of the other solo shows that I do you can achieve anything you’ve just got to apply yourself you’re you’ve now got website you’ve got clients you know you’re pushing yourself in terms of the life coaching because you’ve applied you you wanted to come on the show you’ve made it happen I mean anything is possible I firmly believe that we’ve just gotta make the step you make the leap leap off you don’t need a leaf you make your leap of faith that leap of faith it’s all about the mind it’s all about how you apply the mind it’s very easy to not apply the mind in a very productive way and and feel very self-conscious and and not really get moving and get motivated but if you can turn to around into something positive you know the sky’s the limit really you can do anything wonderful wonderful love it fabulous so inspiring right I’ve got some fun question for you are you ready if if you if you could have a superpower what would it be to fly every lot of people say that I’d wanna fly as well I’d love to fly definitely fly over the countryside over the hills have you been watching the David Attenborough and I always get it the wrong way around to my son’s correct me every time seven worlds one planet yeah that’s I’ve seen some of it yes watch the pelicans on their last night flight I mean incredibly graceful they’re actually quite bullies I hadn’t realized oh yes a fly would be amazing so definitely yeah okay what is your favorite color purple oh no oh and the logo make sense got it I’ve got two really good colors that I like and see the purple or red but mostly I’d say purple yeah okay what is your guilty pleasure my guilty pleasure gosh I’m a I’m a bit of a Big Bang Theory geek if I need to hang out if I need cheering up in any way I’ll sit and I’ll watch back to my episodes of The Big Bang Theory okay oh I love it I love it okay I’d love to give that okay and who is your favorite author oh that’s easy join your friend of mine kiki Archer yeah she’s brilliant at the pleasure of meeting Sarah a couple of years ago and that was a I’ll be really fangirling I was too scared to speak to her at one point but luckily Kiki was there as well so she sort of muscled in and got me in there to speak to her otherwise I would because I was too I was too shy but I loved Sarah waters work absolutely love her work yeah mazing you alright but a good choices right lastly questions ask everyone what was the love actually asking everyone these what was the last image he took on your phone oh it was a screenshot of a photo that my sister sent me of my 11 month old nephew Oh cute he’s the absolute apple of my eyes and I have another niece or nephew jus in May next year too so I’ve got to go through it all again excellent my my phone is full they keep it real children do definitely you and your toes and what is your most used emoji smiley face happy face I think nice all the thumbs up oh yeah okay I caught thumbs up to you actually you know I looked at my screen the other day I use loads before the different ones defender than one me I definitely go with a crying laugh II face well most yes when I’m talking to my friends I’m always laughing and joking and being silly so a more recent and lacking crying phrases as well so it ends really well wonderful wonderful okay so to wrap it up what advice would you give anybody listening to go out and seize the day I mean this whole conversation has been so inspiring I would hope that anybody who just from what you’ve said already would just think yeah you know I’m gonna go and do that what’s the worst that can happen so what kind of advice additional advice would you offer anybody to you know get up start their dreams really think about what it is that you want what it is that you want to achieve that you want to do and don’t let the negative voices in your head or the negative voices around you tell you you can’t do it get out there and do it because if you don’t do it how do you know whether you’re going to success or fail if but if you go out there and try you might presently surprise and you might have a fantastic success brilliant absolutely now for anyone who wants get in contact with you Sally the best place would be contact details will be the website its warrior on we also said it’s warrior on wheels life coaching dot online and on Facebook its warrior on wheels life coaching and on Instagram its warrior on wheels but between each word it’s the lower the lowercase that’s the underscore warrior – yeah the underscore warrior underscore on underscore wheels and that that’s not insta brilliant I will put a put I will put all of that in the show notes anyway so anyone can just click on them or I might put it there I might write it who knows it’s Monday it’s not exactly it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you on thank you so much for joining me Sally it’s been a real pleasure and a real highlight for me thank you like I say it’s it’s been an ambition for mine of mine to be on the show so it’s I’m sort of doing the proverbial pinching myself right now in the fact that I’ve actually done it so thank you so much Sally pleasure I’ll be speaking to take care everyone look after yourself keep well you have been listening to seize the day but not any business all contact information can be found in the show notes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast please come and talk to us at the tilt talk show chat group on Facebook or follow tilt on Twitter you can also contact me directly on email which is nathalie miller snail at thank you