Resources For Authors And Publishers

This page is dedicated to resources for authors and publishers. This incorporates a lot of the sites and services that interviewees of The Write Stuff recommend as well as some that I personally work with.

Note: Some of these are affiliate links – that means that when you buy I get a small commission. It doesn’t affect the sales price at all.

Build A Website

Web Hosting Hub

One of the most important things for an author or publisher is to have a great website. I use to host all of my websites.

I find them really easy to use, they have a super easy website setup for WordPress which is what I base all my sites on and most importantly they have great statistics.

Their help line is really user friendly and they help me resolve problems fast. I highly recommend these guys.

Social Media Tools


I use Hootsuite to schedule all my social media. You get different versions, on the free account you can manage up to three social platforms and you have to schedule each post one by one.

On the Pro account you can have a hundred social media platforms and do bulk scheduling. This is great if you have a Twitter account, Facebook account, Facebook page, Instagram account, Google plus account and say one or two other social media platforms.

It also allows you to schedule the same post across multiple accounts at the same time. Which is fantastic if you want to do a big book launch.

You can get a free 30 day trial to Hootsuite Pro by trying it here – HootSuite Pro Free Trial

Newsletter Tools


I use Mailchimp  to send out all of my email newsletters – you can see reports, schedule emails and create a number of different email lists.

Book Promotion Email Services


Is a mailing list that is sent a lot of people. Catherine M Wislon uses it to gain interest in her novels – you can see the pricelist here 


Freebooksy promotes books that are free. You need at least 50 4 star reviews to qualify for this newsletter.


Bargain Booksly promotes books that are low cost. You need at least 50 4 star reviews to qualify for this newsletter.

Spread The Word

Other ways in which you can build a community and be heard is to sign up for some of these:


Associations and Groups

Independent Authors Alliance

Awesome Indies