Submit An Author Reading For Book Clips

If you would like to submit your author reading for Book Clips then this page will tell you everything you need to know to make it happen.

Please note: We are not accepting new book clips at the moment

What Is Book Clips

For those of you familiar with our podcast channel The Lesbian Talk Show, you will know our mini podcast called Book Clips. This is a series of Author Readings of about 10 minutes long. A new one goes live every week.

I need more of these so I am offering you an opportunity to get a little bit of exposure for your novel in return for a recording from you.

The Terms

This is a ladies channel, however, we are non discriminatory so if you are a male author and want to do a book clip reading from your lesbian novel then by all means go ahead.

Please note that we will not publish hate or discrimination in any form.

Also please indicate if there is violence or abuse in your novel to give listeners a heads up.

How It Works

  • You send me an MP3 recording of yourself doing a reading from one of your novels.
  • You can send me recordings from all of your novels if you like, I will just schedule them over a span of time.
  • It costs you nothing. I am offering you this exposure for free. Why? Because I am a nice person who wants to grow the lesfic sector.
  • You can email me the recording or you can send it to me via drop box or google drive.
  • I will edit your reading – so if you stumble, just pause and do it again.

What you need to record

  • Start with your name and the name of your book – for example, Hi I am (NAME) and today I will be doing a reading from my novel (Novel Title)
  • If you think it is needed, explain the context of the story so far so that listeners understand what they are listening to
  • Do a ten minute reading from your novel
  • End with something like You have been listening to me, (Your Name) doing a reading from my novel (Novel Name)

Making A Recording

The first thing you need to do is install Audacity – it is free audio recording software with a surprisingly good range of capabilities.

Follow the installations instructions and open the program. You are not quite finished installing yet. Now we need to add a piece of software that allows you to export your audio to an MP3.

The easiest way to do this is to record any piece of audio – you do this by pressing the red button at the top. lines depicting audio will appear on your timeline. Now you press the stop button (the square).

Go to FILE > Export Audio > type in a test name – where you select the file type choose MP3.

It will give you an error message saying that you need an extra piece of software. Follow the installation instructions.

When this is done you are ready to begin recording your podcast.

Here are some videos that can help you if you still need help

Installing and Setting Up Audacity

Complete Audacity tutorial 

What I Would Appreciate In Return

When your recording does go live I would appreciate it if you could promote it on social media and through your newsletter if you have one. This will help to spread the word about your recording and in turn our podcast channel.

You can email me on

If you don’t get a response from me within one working day please try send again. I didn’t get it.

Your checklist for recording:

  • start with book title and author name
  • end with book title and author name
  • paused and repeated line if I stumbled
  • paused if a car drove past or some other loud noise happened then redid the line

Your checklist to send with the email:

  • the mp3 recording
  • your book title by author name
  • synopsis of book
  • book cover
  • name of narrator if there is one