Harper Bliss And Her Mrs

Harper Bliss and her Mrs

In Harper Bliss & her Mrs, Harper and her wife/business partner Caroline discuss their adventures in writing and publishing lesbian fiction.

You can find all of Harper Bliss & her Mrs here (I will add the link on my side)

What the show is about

On their show Harper Bliss & her Mrs discuss their wild ride of the past few years through indie publishing in the lesbian fiction genre. They talk about their writing and publishing processes, their marketing strategies and tactics, discuss what worked for them and what didn’t, and reply to listener questions on the subject, even if the subject is the more spicy aspect of Harper’s books.

They also hope to inspire and motivate lesbian fiction writers who want to take their career to the next level and try to make a living through their writing. They’re not afraid to share their mistakes with their listeners, nor are they shy about the audacious goals they tend to set themselves.

Caroline (the Mrs) also regularly calls Harper out on her long-winded way of explaining things, while Harper pushes Caroline to make some progress on her own novel so they can try to find success in a more mainstream genre.

Who should listen

Writers. Anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of an indie lesbian fiction press. Anyone looking for some inspiration and advice while going through the ups and downs of indie publishing. Anyone who wants to join Harper and Caroline on their crazy lesfic journey. Anyone who wants to witness how a long-term married lesbian couple can form a high-functioning codependent professional unit without the whole thing ending in divorce. Or anyone who likes listening to people talk in a mix of European accents. Harper Bliss fans might also be interested, if only to find out how much her Mrs actually is on her case about everything.

Show hosts

Harper Bliss is a lesbian romance author with a few bestsellers under her belt. She has written more than a dozen romance novels and is currently writing the Pink Bean series, set in Sydney. Her Mrs (Caroline) knows everything that happens behind the scenes of producing a lesbian fiction bestseller (and it’s not always pretty). Caroline is currently writing her first novel. – I will also link to your profiles

When is it on

It’s on every Tuesday

What Sheena Says

Harper Bliss And Her Mrs know all about writing. They know how to sell books, how to write books and how to build a successful business by writing.

Harper Bliss is a successful author and her wife, Caroline is a designer and publisher. Together they make a formidable team who understand the importance of writing great novels and how to sell them.

This weekly podcast will give you writing tips and let you in on the secrets of selling more books.

Whether you are a published author or just someone who wants to be, this podcast will help you write better and publish your work.

Each podcast deals with one topic and is about 10 minutes in length. This is the perfect amount of time for someone who just wants a quick spark of inspiration or motivation.

We keep the podcasts short to make it easier for you to listen while doing chores or commuting.

Do you have a question about writing or publishing? Send Harper Bliss or Caroline and email

You can find all of their podcasts here

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