An Interview with Natalie Miller-Snell on Seizing the Day

Today’s podcast of Curves Welcome with Suzie Carr features an interview with Natalie Miller-Snell on Seizing the Day

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Today is a special Curves Welcome podcast because I am coming to you from the GCLS annual conference along with my fellow podcaster Natalie Miller-Snell from Seize the Day! We giggled a bit, talked about life, motivation for producing podcasts, and a lot of other great topics. Natalie shares with us her secret to seizing the day.


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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr so today is a special episode of curves welcome podcast because I am coming to you live from the GCLS annual conference in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I have a special treat for you today because I am not alone here I am here with my fellow podcaster from seize the day podcast on the lesbian talk show I’m here with Natalie Miller-Snell, welcome Natalie. Hey Suzie thanks for having me on this is absolutely awesome I am so excited to have you here today thanks Suzie this is lovely to be doing this oh my god so this is the greatest thing about being part of a team of podcasters under the lesbian talk-show umbrella is first of all we get to meet fellow podcasters online but then when we come to a conference and we get to actually see each other hug each other and talk in person it opens it up to a whole new dynamic as I kind of rugby tackled Suzie it was oh my god Magnum is here too and I served on a panel with her last night and we did the Lyle ire panel and it was so fun it’s all of us storytelling and we’re storytellers so we had to get up and give like a five minute or so story whether it be true or fake and we had to try to trick the audience so I got up and told my little story and I had everybody fooled everybody thought that I was faking my story was fake they were asking me they were bombarding me with these questions trying to trip me up and they weren’t tripping me up because the story I told happened like four years ago and I couldn’t remember the details so that’s what tripped them up and it was great because everybody got it wrong I was telling the truth isn’t that a bit like when you get pulled over by the police or whatever or you meet someone official and then they start when I came to be border control and it’s America just basic questions that are you know truthful answers you kind of feel like it’s fun so yeah the conference has been great it is day two officially of the conference I’ve been here for four days Wow as I am part of the GCLS Board of Directors and we come early to plan and make it a great conference for everybody and so far the feedback has been great it’s been incredible I must say certainly for me having been to Vegas last year my first experience of GCLS which was absolutely wonderful I loved it I really really loved it but the Vegas angle was quite crazy it was big it was loud it was bright which is wonderful have seen the GCLS conference here in a different environment in a different setting feels more intimate I think yeah it feels more it feels more purposeful is not necessarily the right word but it feels more designated and you know I suppose the essence of what it is rather than all the the crazy glamour and glitz that came with Vegas wild and crazy it really was it was really yeah it was a really different place I would just say that but so this has been lovely and great you’ve had that feedback – yeah everybody’s been saying some great things and you know it’s just fun for it’s fun for readers to come and meet they’re all their favorite authors and talk with them and it just be one-on-one with people that they maybe they admire ya know their spot their stories have inspired them in some way and it’s great for us writers too because we get to meet these readers and we get to you know there’s gosh the readers are so supportive out there in the last fit community and it’s just so fun and so rewarding to be able to give them a hug and just meet them one on one it’s a lot of fun you know speaking of fun and all of that kind of stuff look I just want to kind of segue this into the fact that both of us we have different podcasts on the lesbian talk show but they have very similar themes and that is motivational yes right sort of self-love lifehacks things of that sort to help people help people live better lives absolutely and I love listening to your show seize a day and it is just full of great wisdom and I love listening to your accent I cannot get enough of your accent flattery will get you everywhere yes thank you I just there’s nothing like an accent you always presented in such a genuine authentic voice and like off the cuff which I really enjoy that and I admire that quality because right today is off the cuff for me yeah I typically do plan out my podcast I research into a few things and I am sort of scripted a little bit because I don’t have that I guess a comfort level yeah with being off the cuff if it’s just me talking into a microphone but sitting here with you you make it so easy because you are a very motivational uplifting person so it’s very easy to have a conversation with you and anyway that’s that is something that I really admire about your show thank you very much that’s really lovely tea and in fact actually I adore your show as well and I like the journey that you’ve gone on as well actually just seeing even though the past few months and perhaps the as much as a year maybe when you introduce some of the music to it and how you tackle the different elements and the different shows plus you bring it back to your own life which I think makes it and perhaps you said earlier it makes it more authentic and certainly what I try to do and hope I do with it with the podcast is I’ve had so many great mentors throughout my life and even meeting you and when we did our podcast together it really connects your mind and it reminds us that we all need a little bit of a direction sometimes or just a helper in terms of moving to the next step or why we’re doing things a little bit of a motivational push and whether or not we achieve that through reading or online or through a conversation with somebody or having great relationships in terms of friendships it’s nice to have that place that you can go to to just get somebody or help somebody help you push you along will remind you and that’s what I love doing with the shows I think it’s fantastic and I get the same from yours it’s really lovely I want to know I know that you’ve probably brushed on this a few times in your show already but for people who maybe are listening in on this show and haven’t heard yours at all or maybe they have heard of yours I want to know what started what was that initial spark what did that look like in terms of you never podcasting – all of a sudden you have this freaking phenomenal podcast like you’ve been doing this for 20 years – that’s a year it’s my year anniversary in two weeks I’ve been doing the shout out honestly and in fact I mean the anniversary pretty much it started when I met you last year as well at GCLS and you gave me all a great bit of information in terms of how to go about Suzy was so kind and so generous and you didn’t know me from Adam and you were just kind and generous with your help and kind of support and direction and how did the journey start for me Sheena posted on her Facebook and Gina is the founder of the lesbian talk show she posted on a Facebook wall I’m looking for a new podcaster someone who can do motivational stuff uplifting and I saw this post and I was sitting at home I was on my own and I had a glass of wine and you know when you see something and it had kind of like neon lights pointing to it and I don’t know this is for me I can do this I love everything motivational I love everything uplifting I’m a very positive person naturally which is I’m very grateful for I must say and I don’t thank my family my upbringing as a result and I thought I could do it but when I woke I said I will leave it in my mind I swear to myself I’ll leave it to the morning to see how I feel that particularly as a had a glass of wine and I woke up and the devil was on my shoulder oh no you know nothing about podcasting who will want to listen what are you even going to talk about so I left it I think it was about two weeks and then I just you know still there was Nikhil you know when you want something it doesn’t ever go away and this is a you know I tried to cover it in podcasts as well if you’ve got a drive for something you seize the opportunity you’ve got to take it you’ve got to walk through the door otherwise it won’t happen and I contacted Sheena and I said to her look how did it go did you find your podcaster like she said no not yet I’m off to something very specific and I just joked around well you know what if you don’t find anyone I reckon I’d be really good at this and she’s like actually add you know what go on in and then that was it that would say that is that is the universe telling you pointing you nudging you literally pushing you yeah down a path that you’re supposed to be on yes right that you’re supposed to be on and I find that kind of stuff so fascinating the same thing actually happened with me and scheana as well I am using them I had written a like a 30-second little essay okay about life’s curves and how that’s just a reflection piece and then I put it to a video with music and I put it out on Facebook and it was just a little motivational thing that’s all and she contacted me like with the same day that I posted a good way of dodging that and she’s like you should be a podcast you on my channel have you ever thought of podcasting you would be awesome at it and I was like me no I never really thought about it really you think so and I had never ever thought about podcasting in my life it was not even a thought in my head I had my doubts and then I said well let me make one I’ll try to you to do it right actually that was my thing more in my voice and send it to you and tell me if you think that it would work if not no hard feelings I totally have never done this and really I’ll just go on with my writing career I’ll be fine and that’s what I did I decided I put a lot of work into that first one how did I planned it I recorded it and I thought really thoroughly enjoyed it every single part of that process and I sent it to her and she was like that’s it that’s what I’m looking for and that’s it that was like I don’t know how many years have been doing it now two or three fantastic three several years I’m on my third year you can’t see you’re a seasoned pro and in fact going back to something you mentioned earlier about me and being off the cuff for it for a lot of it yes I do speak and or any I’ve just give myself a bullet point and I talk beyond that but actually sometimes I do have it scripted and I do read from I mean it’s interesting you ask my wife if you say I can tell when you’re really fascinating someone who knows you I suppose but I do also plan quite a bit and I think it depends on the topic if it’s something that’s close to my heart and that you know I could speak for hours for then it would just punch and it would come through but if I’ve had to research a bit more likely there’s a level of comfort I think from planning and having that yeah I did a show on it a couple of weeks ago actually mm-hmm just in terms of planning and the importance which is yeah I must say it’s I think what you do is wonderful yeah thank you yeah well likewise if yeah totally likewise you’re listening to the lesbian talk show the lesbian talk show calm you have a podcast information and so one of the questions I have is because I’m always fascinated with your the stuff that you’ve shared okay I’m all about learning and then sharing and where do you find your information like where do you draw upon your insights because you have incredible insights so where do you get that from where do you get your motivation is there a role model that you follow is there do you just get it from everyday life I think is everyday life if I’m honest and certainly when I started the journey one side said to Sheena yes I’m going to do this and then one side toyed around with the idea of the title for the show it was almost like I mean and this might be a bit deep and heavy for some folk listening it was almost like I connected myself to the universe if you like and thoughts literally flooded through and I’m quite very into spirituality and I’m very into that energetic connection that we all have as human beings and I think once you tap into something sometimes and when you trust your intuition it that might be a better word for some folk to identify with when you tap into your intuition and you listen to it it drives you in the right direction and literally so I had all of this stuff came through I’d and sorry perhaps I should vote fact revert back to your question as well and I did study spiritual healing so I’m very much aware of that energetic connection and so a lot of the shows were about and and basic stuff but you know again sometimes we need reminding gratitude but the positive mantra is positive affirmations kindness and all of that good stuff that we should bring into our everyday life so I think for the for the other items in terms of what I put out in the show a lot of it is daily interactions that I’ve had even from one of the panels I listen to today I think there’s some really good stuff I can pull out and users show content and then build the bigger picture listeners the listeners are incredible and make this all worthwhile and I’ve often said if there’s any topics that they want me to gather I’ll do that and in fact Selena Haute recently the podcasts that aired today gave me a great topic on acceptance which I built around it and did a show on that so it’s a bit of everything I think and like I said I’ve had great mentors in my life my spiritual teacher you know the workplace family meeting people like yourself as well you know just general people I interact with on a day-to-day basis who might not be aware of the impact that they have in my life they do have an impact everybody does and that’s where I get it from I think wow what do you find most pleasurable about podcasting oh I think all of it I’ve actually enjoyed the process I enjoy pulling the information together because it makes me think I enjoy the release of it I enjoy it as well editing and pulling it all together and then here in that finish because I do listen to it before it goes out and then most importantly the feedback it makes it entirely worthwhile it’s absolutely incredible and I don’t know about you Suzie but sometimes you think to yourself well I’m doing this is it having an impact does anyone you know doesn’t anyone care about it and I’ve had feedback just this morning on one of this shows and then just now at the conference someone came over said I listen to shows I love it and it just makes all of the difference one person two people to have any kind of impact or to know someone’s know someone’s listening know someone’s enjoying it and it brings a smile because every time someone contacts me I can either hear the smile in their words or I can see on their face but it’s magic there’s no greater reward I don’t think right and it must be the same for you with even books and the podcasts in that kind of your impact in somebody yeah it’s amazing you know when you’re working in your own little siloed world right and podcasting you’re you know I’m at my dining room table when a podcast and I’m all by myself when I’m writing my books it’s the same place I’m sitting at my dining room table writing my books it’s a very it’s a very lonely type of profession when you do that yeah what I love about both of those things writing and podcasting is the effect that you get after you’ve released it right and then it’s that interactivity that feedback yeah I crave that from people from listeners from readers and when you come to a conference like this for instance and you actually meet the people who are supporting your work it solidifies why I do what I do Yeah right yeah it solidifies I feel like I’m making a difference I always say as long as I’m making a difference in one person’s life then that piece of work that I worked a year on it’s worth it totally agree with you isn’t it it’s just the most amazing feeling and that those individuals who do support as well have a massive impact on our lives because we continue to do it in order to make what in order to generate the content and that make sure that it’s right to go out and and I think for me almost make me and I’ve put it in the podcast today make me want to be a better version of myself in order to satisfy and do the right thing or you know and give out the right information absolutely so you know I always like to kind of bring something tangible a takeaway into my podcasts some tips of some sort that people can go out there and enrich their own lives okay to be able to face and embrace the curves in their life and so what would you say to somebody who may be struggling with finding their way in the world finding their way in in terms of having some meaning feeling like maybe their life is lacking some meaning in some way what would you say like is there a tip that you would give somebody to find that meaning is interesting this I mean it’s a great question as well I think we all we almost need to sit down and have a frank conversation with ourselves because I think at the root of absolutely everything we do we know what we want to do and we know the right path more often than not it’s a level of fear it’s a level of confidence or its level of being unsure about the next step so I think if you can sit down almost in a meditative if that’s the way to say it capacity and if you don’t meditate just sit down and allow some quiet and just think about what it is you want to do once you know that then you can and again perhaps this is a confidence me but you can approach people or listen to these kind of podcasts or listen to a different podcast read a book talk to somebody who you know has a connection with something that you want to do and make that first step everything we do once you say yes once you move forward and once you acknowledge what you want to do everything we do is in a step in the direction towards gaining or achieving that goal 100% even coming here today or that this trip for me the conversations I’ve had that are now going to lead onto other things are incredible so else it could be daunting to go into a conference or it could be nerve-wracking talking to somebody that your your ID or something or other unless you do it you’re not moving forward and you’re not able to actually secure your vision and it means coming out of comfort zones a bit as well but it will push you on that journey so I think ultimately and to go back to your question start off with really listening to yourself trust in your gut and then setting out a plan I suppose how do I get there let me contact this person and then it will just roll the universe is listening and it’s listening all the time and if you say a negative thought in your mind is still picking that up so it’s about a positive now I will do this I can do this that I am expression I am going to do this I am and yeah things will happen yeah that’s really powerful advice and I do follow that advice as well in terms of be careful what you think yeah because your thoughts become your actions as your actions become your you know your life they are live your life I love when you talked about the getting out of comfort zone because I well anybody who listens to my show knows that I’m all about getting out of the comfort zone yeah do you have a tip for someone getting out of the comfort zone because that can be really hard for people they a lot of people live paralyzed because of fear yeah fear paralyzes people what would you say to that person who is paralyzed by fear and this might come as a surprise to some folk as well I public speaking for example is not my comfort zone at all even today for example you know you’re in the panic situation speaking up about something you know that there’s a conversation going on what are your thoughts on it you’re projecting your thoughts into a larger group and everybody around you your natural or a lot of the thoughts are while you’re talking crap or something I don’t know oh I know so but it’s doing it and I could have sat there today and not bother to offer my thoughts but actually the the killer with all of this is people want to hear what you’ve got to say and more often than not definitely more often than not what you’ve got to say is incredibly invaluable and we don’t trust ourselves enough to know that actually we can make a difference individually everything we do we’ve got a really valid point and it’s worth saying it because somebody said something today that resonated with me and I write it down in my book that’s brilliant I’m going to use that hopefully something I’ve said also resonated with somebody so you can cripple yourself in your mind but you will never get that opportunity back and I don’t ever want to live in a regret situation I’m here I’ve made the difference to come here let’s put that you know let’s put my thoughts out there a small example I mean and hopefully it resonates but if you’re googling wanted to do something make the next step and try and push yourself forward or you know get somebody there to support and help you as well call somebody get someone to be your cheerleader get somebody to tell you how bloody marvellous you are because sometimes we all need that we need to have somebody to say Suzie I think you’ll rock and roll you are incredible your podcasts are amazing I love the content it lifts me up it’s inspiring and I love what you’re doing and that will help or any of us move forward man that is really really cool I have one last question for you to round it out here and because your podcast name is seize a day could you give our listeners one piece of advice on how they can seize the day seize the day today do what you’re thinking about whatever is in your mind that you want to do do it pick up a phone write a list or even if it’s just a note about something to come back to do whatever issue wants you today this minute write it down do it whatever it is you want to contact somebody if you’ve been thinking about someone contact them repair a damaged relationship would ever do it today don’t wait til tomorrow do it today you know what I mean seizing the day literally oh this has been wonderful can we sit yeah great yeah this has been great so if you want to learn more about Natalie Miller-Snell and her seize the day podcast – be sure to check her out on the lesbian talk show she loves to interact with her listeners so interact she is open to that and she is the most delightful person and it’s just been such a pleasure talking with you sitting here face to face yeah with a little microphone between us I love it just having a great conversation about life and how to seize the day face and embrace the curves of life and just live our best – life because you know what we’re here once let’s just have a good time and take it all in and just be the best version of ourselves and add value to the world thank you Suzie I’ve loved it absolutely loved it me too hey friends thanks for spending time with me today first up I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has showed their love and support of the pet boutique a romance novel that has lots of flirty innuendos a fun-loving albeit wacky at times family and a spirited dog who makes sure that everyone adores her it is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited as well as paperback I also want to thank all who have become patrons of my patreon page your support means a great deal to me for more information on joining me on this journey and gaining access to special rewards visit the link in the show notes also be sure to follow the lesbian talk show to keep up on the latest episodes so thanks for tuning in until next time go out there and continue to learn grow and embrace life’s curves