How To Find The Best Podcast For You

We have such a variety of shows on the channel that it can be overwhelming when you start, and so we have created a guide on how to find the best podcast for you.

Here is a breakdown of the shows and then the common themes. If you click on the titles, you will see the latest podcasts that are relevant and you can listen to them all right on this website.


Ask A – This short-run series is aimed at busting the myths and preconceptions around specific gender identities and sexual orientations. Previous seasons have included Ask A Butch and Ask A Bisexual.

Book Clips – A mini podcast where narrators or authors do short readings from their novels.

Coffee Break with KA and Danna – Meaningful conversations between friends.

Curves Welcome – A podcast to help you live your best life, including tips on how to overcome adversity and deal with the curves in life.

For Love And Money – A podcast in which we look at how to make money from sapphic fiction, why it’s important to keep publishing and how to actually make a living from being a writer.

Les Do Books – This is a book nerd podcast all about fangirling over  f/f fiction, including talking to authors about the lesbian books they love.

Les Talk About It – Discussions about lesbian-related topics such as culture and stereotypes.

The Lesbian Historic Motif Project – This show is chock full of real life lesbians in history, historical fiction about lesbians and other fun old timey lesbian stuff.

The Lesbian Review Podcast – A spinoff of The Lesbian Review website, this show is packed with author interviews, top 10 lists, books and movies!

The Write Stuff – Through author interviews, you get to hear how they write, sell and market books in the lesbian fiction sector.


About Sexual Orientation & Gender – These are all the podcasts that relate to sexual orientation, gender or identity. We encourage everyone to listen to all of them—this is not only content for people who identify that way!

Queer – Podcasts related to being queer.

Bisexual – Podcasts related to being bisexual.

Lesbian – Podcasts related to being lesbian.

Feminist – Podcasts related to feminism or feminist commentary.

Best Of Lists – These are best of or top 10 lists of every kind across all the podcasts.

Books / Stories – Podcasts related to books or stories.

Audiobooks – Listen to us talk about audiobooks.

TLR Book Club – Podcasts about books featured in The Lesbian Review Book Club.

Fiction This is all fiction, all the time. No reality here, people.

Full Fiction – A full story in audio! What could be better?

Original Short Story – An original short story that is only showcased on The Lesbian Talk Show.

Non Fiction – Keeping it real over here.

Reading by Author / Narrator – Be entertained by the vocal stylings of narrators and authors as they read to you.

Infotainment – Learn stuff and be entertained. If only school was this fun.

Business Of Writing – Are you an author, publisher or aspiring to be? This is for you then. It’s all about writing, publishing, marketing and selling your books.

Busting Myths – There are so many misconceptions in the world. Let’s squish them!

History – Old timey information that’s actually really cool.

How To – Podcasts that explain how to do things.

Self Help & Motivation – Get the best out of your life with these podcasts. Feel motivated, feel happy and learn to manage your life better.

InterviewPodcasters talk to someone, usually an expert of some sort or a really cool person.

Author Interview – An interview with an author (I bet you didn’t see that one coming).

News / What’s HappeningThese podcasts keep us up to date on interesting goings on in the world.

Pop Culture – Popular culture that influences or reflects our views and beliefs (eg TV and Movies).

Comic / Graphic Novel – Podcasts about graphic novels or comics.

Games / Gaming – Podcasts about all sorts of games and gaming.

Movies – Podcasts about movies.

TV – Podcasts about TV shows / YouTube shows.


Sheena is the founder of She has always loved interviewing people and chatting about interesting topics. Now she has started some podcasts which she hopes you enjoy.