Caroline aka Mrs Bliss

Name: Mrs Bliss (Caroline) aka Caroline Bliss

harper bliss and her mrs podcastWhere are you from?

Belgium originally, I’ve been living in Hong Kong for six years but am embarking on a nomadic adventure next year.

Why this topic for a podcast?

We were asked by Sheena to address various book publishing and marketing topics, as we’ve been publishing lesfic for the past few years.

If someone is new to your podcast, how would you describe it?

Harper Bliss goes on and on about publishing-related topics as her wife tries to get a word in here and there. Or alternatively: A podcast about various topics related to publishing lesfic, with tips on things to do and not to do.

What kind of person will enjoy your podcast most?

Lesfic authors and Harper Bliss fans

What is the biggest reward of being a podcaster?

Hearing from people in the lesfic community that they found our podcast helpful

What is the biggest challenge of being a podcaster?

Trying to get my wife to let me talk once in a while

What would listeners find most interesting/surprising/unique about you?

I used to take tap-dancing lessons as a child and I can neither confirm nor deny that there is some unfortunate video evidence of this floating around in an obscure corner of the internet

Where can fans find you online?





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