Name: Brooklyn

Where are you from?


les do books podcastWhy this topic for a podcast?

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a book club! Reading a book is like watching TV. When you’re watching and something funny happens you laugh out loud and look around the room only to realize you’re alone. That happens with reading constantly! Now I can share all those funny moments and theories with friends.

If someone is new to your podcast, how would you describe it?

This is a podcast that ties into a book club on Facebook for The Lesbian Review. Tara and I choose books to read and then discuss it over a few brews while we record. Later we have discussions about it on Facebook with all our peeps.

What kind of person will enjoy your podcast most?

People who enjoy book recommendations would probably enjoy Les Do Books most. A person who doesn’t mind that I sometimes say sexy or crude things and don’t stay on topic would enjoy this podcast as well.

What is the biggest reward of being a podcaster?

This is going to sound lame and dopey but honestly it’s getting to see and talk to my friend Tara at least once every other week. I can hardly force her to face time with me otherwise. Also, that I get to buddy read with her is the best.

What is the biggest challenge of being a podcaster?

Not cussing, not saying things that are inappropriate, staying on topic, summarizing the book, and not interrupting Tara when I get super excited or tipsy. That is the biggest challenge of being a podcaster.

RealTalk, the biggest challenge is producing valuable content.

What would listeners find most interesting/surprising/unique about you?

My mom named me after a lesbian she used to work with. Her name was Brooke but her nickname around the office was the Brooklyn Bridge. Word on the street she was a cool cat.

Where can fans find you online?




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