Blythe Rippon

Name: Blythe Rippon

Badass Women Save ThemselvedWhere are you from?

Originally from the Midwest. I’ve lived all over the US, though. I’m also a child of Middle Earth, Narnia, and Panem.

Why this topic for a podcast?

Badass women saving themselves? Why talk about ANTYTHING else, really? I’m tired of the damsel in distress rescue trope. I want stories where women do it all—save themselves, save the world, save the date. And I also love talking about pop culture, especially right now, during the Golden Age of television.

If someone is new to your podcast, how would you describe it?

Badass! Jove and I talk about television shows, movies, music, books, fanfic—all things pop culture. We dig into the way women are represented, and how those representations intersect with current sociopolitical issues. Which makes it sound fancy. Mostly we just talk about women we love, be they real or fictional.

What kind of person will enjoy your podcast most?

People who want to talk about strong women!

What is the biggest reward of being a podcaster?

Hanging out with Jove talking about things we adore. I also really appreciate the times when listeners say that we’ve made them laugh or think about things differently.

What is the biggest challenge of being a podcaster?

Finding the time. Jove and I are both writers, and we both have other jobs. Podcasting together requires that we both take the time to watch/read/listen to the topic and think about it, and that we find a time to record. But it’s totally worth it.

What would listeners find most interesting/surprising/unique about you?

Oh sheesh. Who knows. That I genuinely believe that books, movies, and TV shows can change the world?

Where can fans find you online?





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