Andi Marquette

This is a profile of Andi Marquette, host of the podcasts Lez Geek Out! and Women And Words

women and words podcastLez geek out!Where are you from?

New Mexico and Colorado, USA

Why this topic for a podcast?

Sheena thought it would be fun to do a weekly round-up of what was going on at the Women and Words blogsite. So my co-admin of the site, Jove Belle, and I do it. We review the week at WaW but also talk about other things going on in the lesfic world and things we think listeners would be interested in, like conferences and events and the like.

If someone is new to your podcast, how would you describe it?

A weekly digest of lesfic news and views as told by your weird neighbors down the street who are kind of fun and always welcome everybody to the party.

What kind of person will enjoy your podcast most?

Readers and writers interested in lesbian fiction, lesfic publishing, strong women, and assessments of Andi’s hair and Jove’s day trips.

What is the biggest reward of being a podcaster?

I get to talk to my co-host, with whom I’ve been friends for about a decade, and I get to talk about things I’m passionate about: writing, reading, LGBTQI issues and events, strong women in fiction and beyond, community-building.

What is the biggest challenge of being a podcaster?

Working around the crazy schedules we have in order to record. And yeah, tech problems can present themselves.

What would listeners find most interesting/surprising/unique about you?

There are many things I don’t tell people. But here are a few things: Music is very important to me. I play piano and drums, though I’m way rusty now. I was also a radio DJ and did a stint as a club DJ, too. I’ve also worked as an archaeologist. Oh, and for extra “omg Andi’s way weird,” I grew up on a farm in the Rocky Mountain West where we raised goats.

Where can fans find you online?

Website (hit that link and you can use my “Contact” page to get in touch with me)

Twitter (@andimarquette)

Facebook (Andi Marquette)

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