Hardware stores, helping yourself, and the Hootenanny!

Women and Words Overview 9-15 Sept. 2017

Andi and Jove both agree that plumbing issues suck, but they’re glad they know how to deal with them (and it is totally legit to raise your kids in local hardware stores). Also, Andi and Jove are pretty sure they just are not cool enough to hang out with Fiona Zedde, but they’re totally glad she blogs at Women and Words. And the two of them are contemplating showing up on Erin Saluta’s doorstep, but right now they’ve started the initial planning stages of HOOTENANNY 2017!!!!

9 Sept.: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta does a reader’s perspective that riffs off Ann Etter’s last week in that Erin lists titles of lesfic books that have her varied careers within.

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10 Sept.: Author Heather Blackmore stopped by to slyly tell us about clichés. When they work and when they don’t. Also, her latest novel, It’s Not a Date, is due out March, 2018.

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11 Sept.: Author Lori Lake used an essay by Amy Tan to talk a bit about these crazy times and how important it is to give whenever and wherever you can and for those who write, keep doing so.

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12 Sept.: Life coach/psychologist Angela Grace provided a reminder about “rational detachment” – to separate yourself from potentially emotional circumstances that may overwhelm. Also, remember to take a break from electronic devices.

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13 Sept.: Author and Women and Wordster Jove Belle posted our Hootenanny reminder! That’s our giant-ass WTF were we thinking omg this is cray how many books do they honestly think they can give us giveaway! If you’re an author and want to donate 1-3 books, hit the link and sign up. And tell your friends!

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14 Sept.: Author Fiona Zedde is in Spain (she’s Women and Words’ jet-setter!) but she also pointed out the privileges an American passport brings and though travel is fun, it can also be complicated, with issues that we might not have thought about otherwise.

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15 Sept.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette talked about representation in media of women, mostly, based on the latest Boxed In findings, which indicate that things are still crappy, not only for women, but also LGBTQ people and men of color. Sigh.

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The HOOTENANNY’S COMIN’! And Andi’s on the road (again!) doing writer things in New Mexico at the Western Women Writers-NM gathering in Albuquerque.


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