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Welcome to Seize the Day with Natalie Miller-Snell

Folks, this is Show #20 – WOW – when did that happen?

Throughout this journey, I’ve had the good fortune to have some truly inspiring guests on – phenomenal, wonderful women who are trailblazers in their own right.  They have been gracious enough to share with me their stories and impart some invaluable advice for listeners.

In this show I have compiled all of that wonderful advice – it truly is a delight to listen to.  Each guest has offered their own unique and different take on how to Seize the Day, how to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us.  It’s fabulous having them all together in one bite sized piece of loveliness.

These beautiful guests made the shows when they were on, and they make this compilation too – I am very grateful.

Enormous thanks to: –

Sheena Lemos Ebersohn

Jacqui Ma

Julia Lynch

Kiki Archer

Suzie Carr

Dana Piccoli

Wendy Hudson

Seize the Day was inspired by my favourite latin expression, Carpe Diem. I’ve had some great mentors throughout my life who have offered me invaluable guidance. I’m hoping to do the same through these podcasts.  We have so many wonders at our fingertips; sometimes we just need a little help, or someone to point us in the right direction. 

I hope you enjoy the show!

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you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller-Snell during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in a grab those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all it’s Thursday I am Natalie and you are listening to seize the day now something incredible has happened today is episode 20 of Caesar day when did that happen this journey has been phenomenal it started back in July last year thanks Sheena and I can’t quite believe it so 20 I mean it’s Wow it’s incredible so I thought I would do something different today I’ve had the good fortune to have some incredibly inspiring women on the show true trailblazers and they have spoken to me about some incredible things that they’ve gone through in their lives and how they’ve seized the day how they’ve taken opportunities head-on grab the bull by the horns and tackled life with some serious gusto and when I’ve asked what kind of advice would they offer to anybody listening every time I’ve received such truly wonderful feedback and wonderful thoughts and I’ve been incredibly generous with their advice for anybody who wants to listen so since today is the 20th show I thought it a great idea to compile all of those wonderful bits of advice that I’ve had in one episode for you to listen to and in fact it’s been it’s been wonderful for me listening back seeing my journey as well and listening to these great tidbits of information and advice it’s truly fabulous honestly and everyone brings something slightly different to the table each time or incredibly valuable and also relevant so I really hope you enjoy the show and thank you so much for listening as always hey podcasters we are in for a real treat joining me today is the one and only founder of the lesbian review and the lesbian talk show fondly labeled by Tara Scott as the fearless leader put your hands together for Shido Thanks this Li I like the Xena esque ululation I got what would you say to anybody who is wanting to start out on their own perhaps doesn’t have the confidence to do it what kind of things should they do or think about or in order to seize the day and and do what they want to do you can think about it just throwing it in I think what people need to do is go off to something they’re passionate about and I say that and I know it’s not easy because for years and years I was trying to think of a business I could start that I was passionate about isn’t fiction didn’t even occur to me it just kind of happened to me but when I saw the impact it was having I grabbed it with both hands and just held on yeah podcasts were a kind of a spin off of that I was like I’m making an impact but only to a certain sick that I want to make an impact to the audio sector as well so so my whole thing about seizing the day is if you see a opportunity take it if you want to do something that you’re passionate about do it even if you think nobody’s passionate about it I’m guaranteeing you if you like a particular kind of fishing hook and you want to talk about that there are people out there who would be interested in your ideas around this fishing hook I like that you’re right yeah you really are and people do enjoy it yeah and can inspire somebody to do something as well which is fabulous well this is true you know let’s make the world a better place one thing at a time yeah exactly oh thanks Sheena hey podcasters slightly different today I find myself over in the East End I’m not in my office this is exciting for me I’m seizing the day I’m not at home I am joined by an incredible woman she started her own business designing and selling bags for cycling she’s been preached in The Guardian independent Sunday Times London cyclists that it goes on and on please put your hands together for the incredible Jacky MA okay so what would you suggest to anybody who wants to try to seize the day to start their own company to do something that they want to do how what would be your advice to them to start my advice would be just to start small and test you know like I don’t take people do this all the time but like kind of just start you know if if it’s something so you make clothes that you know make someone try to sell something to friends and family and then just build from there so I think that if it’s one of those things that does you know feel very daunting or some people love this idea of like completely changing their lives and then sometimes like falling completely flat so my this is my approach is very much organic okay yeah I think that it’s just as much as you can do to kind of test and and grow grow solidly I love that and you know and this is what this show is all about in that sense everybody operates in a very different way still got the same goals but approach it we’re all very individual and to actually hear you say that that might resonate with somebody else who’s listening to know actually I could do something smaller on this side yeah I think that’s a really fantastic way to look at it and you you’re safeguarding yourself along the way too which is very a great approach thank you very much hey podcast lovers another treat for you today I’m not at home I’m not in my office I’ve come over to West London in a rather fabulous location and I’ve enjoyed by an incredible woman she is founder of global girl project a leadership exchange program for young girls from developing countries I am super excited so thrilled please put your hands together for Julia Lynch okay so what would you say to anybody who’s looking to start out on their own perhaps has been inspired by you for anything that they’ve been thinking about at the back of their mind the intuition we spoke about what would you say to them in order for them to seize the day and and make the first leap of faith I think well the number one thing I think I’d say is is that don’t wait for the absence of fear right I feel like as as as a human society we’ve been taught that we are looking for balance right and for us balance is kind of like this comfortable place without fear without excitement with that it’s like this this this middle ground and I actually feel like that’s doing a lot of us a disservice and and that what we really need to be looking for is that feeling where we are terrified and excited at the same time that’s what you need to look for and and I were saying like I now live in this this space where I feel like that all the time and while it can be tiring you need to learn how to take care of yourself right that’s why I live on a boat you know being water or being you know it’s very nurturing so I just say don’t look don’t wait to be fearless don’t wait to be fearless you will be scared if it doesn’t terrify you it’s not worth doing it needs to scare you but you also need to feel excited about it as well and just do it just take that first step you know that I believe in the universe and and if you take that first step you’re saying yes right and and the universe will conspire and I’m sure you’ve heard that quote many times before and and then just see what comes right and and don’t look at things as a failure it’s just this is you know something is being put out to say okay look to the left look to the right that’s it just change your perspective that’s it so I’d say do it do it life is short it could be over tomorrow I know that sounds terrible but but do it this is how we change the world if each of us don’t wait for tomorrow if there’s always a reason not to do something I guarantee you you can always find a reason not to do something so if everybody does it if everybody lives are most intrinsic life we will change the world and you will teach that to others and you will inspire others and this is how was shift the vibration of the world Julia absolutely love this an inspirational wonderful incredible work you’re doing just inspiring thank you so much Julie it’s been a true pleasure thank you you’re listening to the lesbian talk show the lesbians or choke on your hub of podcast information podcast lovers hello hello hello we are in for a real treat today joining me on today’s show is an incredible woman now let me get this right she is a lambda literary award finalist author of nine best-selling award-winning novels she’s been in the top 100 Guardian pride power list and 18th in the diva pride powerless whoo she’s been featured in countless articles and programs Sky News curved magazine diva everything I am super excited and thrilled to have Kiki Archer on she sounds good and she she’s coming down a bit Wow what would you say to anybody who’s looking to seize the day to take advantage to do something new that they’ve thought about for ever write a book start a new job set out on their own how would you what advice would you give them in order that they seize a day and just go and do it just just that’s just it just go and do it because if someone would have said to me six years ago that I would be a completely different person that I would be this Kiki Archer character brand writing books I would have just been on what are you talking about it’s so out of my comfort zone it’s I just wouldn’t I fell into this and I’m just riding this wave and I think a lot of people especially a lot of Lesley authors or people wanted to be less Vic authors suffer with impostor syndrome and I just think that’s total nonsense if you have a book out you you have a book out you’re a writer there is you know and actually the community is very nice and supportive so don’t be afraid don’t think you’re not good enough just do just do it just you know and actually no you know yeah no one cares no and no one actually cares if it goes wrong you know try again get up and do it again yeah exactly yes I’d say just be brave and and it is that whole thing about you know being asked to go to parties are asked to do stuff it’s you cancel and think oh I don’t know I don’t know I don’t want to always the next day once you’ve done it you are I guarantee please you’ve done it on a high yeah 100% no even if there’s stuff you say yes you think oh I’m not sure always say yes because I always you know I think what is the worst that can happen it might go wrong what that’s so what there’s no just stuff going wrong in the world you’ll just you’ll get lost in all you know yes they snooze and there’s some what has been making a mistake tomorrow you live and learn from it as well don’t you that’s what I always think say yes live and learn from if it doesn’t work out even if it hurts along the way even if you shed a few tears your learn from it and be stronger as a result but I just think but you have to work hard yeah you what if you you can dream big but you have to work hard hard work actually will get you most places I like that I might quote you actually put it on Instagram hardware it will get you most places Kiki I just yeah but people it’s like the whole thing they see the iceberg don’t they they see the top of the iceberg and they see just your success and they don’t see actually all that hard work going on underneath all the failures all the doubts and things agency oh yeah look at that nice post they’ve done being successful so just go for it love it just go for it just do it brilliant great slogan as well I love it thank you so much for joining me podcast lovers hello hello hello joining me on today’s show is a wonderful woman she’s an author a blogger podcast host of the curvy side of life and director at the golden crown literary society she’s an all-around wonderful human being and it’s truly my pleasure to have on Susie car Thank You Natalie that is quite the opening well you know what would you say to anybody since this is a Cesar day theme what would you say to anybody who wants to come out of their comfort zones to try something new to just take the plunge and do something that they’ve thought about for forever and haven’t necessarily had the confidence to do it what would you say is the best way to tackle it and to get out there and do it yeah so that’s an important question and one that I’ve evaluated in my mind over and over again because I’ve done it over and over again and here’s my take on it I have a lot of regrets in life for things that I didn’t do earlier because because of fear I used to fear public speaking and then one day I decided I’m gonna do it and then I ended up majoring in it in college because I loved it so much Wow right so there’s an example of just taking the plunge and then realizing after that Wow I really love this this invigorates me so that’s one example another thing is leaving something behind that’s no longer serving is a really hard thing for a lot of people and walking into the unknown so they’re you know everybody’s different in their decision making I feel like a lot of people including myself get stuck in that paralysis by analysis phase which means you spend too much time thinking about what could or could not happen and then you never take that step and then afterwards you never took the step and you regret it because you missed out on an opportunity potentially there are a lot of potential possibilities out there in the only way you are going to grab hold of those is if you actually take that step towards it it’s not very really does it come at does it come to you that’s luck and luck doesn’t luck it’s not something you can count on you have to take massive action on things if you want them to happen in your life and you have to be able to look fear in the face and say you are not going to control me yeah feel the fear and do it anyway do it anyway what is the worst thing that can happen are you gonna die from this situation and if the answer is no then go for it and you know what for some people if the answer may be some people want to go skydiving and well sure well you might die there was a risk there I mean I mean I went scuba diving right I became an open-water certified scuba diver to research my novel beneath everything and I had to I was out there in the middle of the ocean beautiful tropical ocean of course but I mean I don’t a 70 80 feet I could have died and you know what the thought was before I jumped off the boat on there on those dives if I died to doing this it was all worth it fake cripples us doesn’t it and I got a hand on my heart it does the same to me and it’s you know take some discussion internally to quiet the what in mind because that you know that voice is there and it does always try to stop you from doing things but you do so worse if you don’t do it because then I think that can compounds the however you look at yourself and let’s say you assume you fail it compounds that failure thought and therefore you start to believe internally that’s who I am I can’t do things I don’t I fail I’m not good but you’ve got to just go for it and if you fall up some stairs when you’re going to grab an award or do a presentation of what laughs it off okay it’ll be over soon hopefully thank you so much for joining me Susie you’ve been absolutely awesome and I know it’s so early so I appreciate it hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all joining me on the show is a very incredible lady she’s an entertainment writer pop culture critic author adventurer and podcaster and I believe it’s been said she can moderate the hell out of a panel please put your hands together for the very lovely Dana pickle I okay for anybody else he wants to branch out and do something that they’ve never considered doing before seize the day theme you know start a new company write a book go into the unknown what advice would you offer them in terms of actually going to seize the day I think people are so afraid of rejection that they don’t take opportunities that present themselves and I would say screw rejection it’s going to happen it’s no fun I’m not gonna say it’s fun but it’s not the end of the world and once you realize that just because someone doesn’t like something you do doesn’t mean everyone won’t like what you do and I would say learn from people’s constructive criticism take don’t don’t feel like don’t build up so many walls around your art that you can’t let anyone in I’ve learned so many things especially like my my editor was Ann Roberts I mean how lucky do you get to be here either we and Roberts and she had so many interesting things to say and so many things I hadn’t thought of but if I had closed myself off to them I would have been so protective of this book that I wouldn’t have seen it from her perspective and I think the book is so much better because she opened me up to some of these ideas so I’d say just like let yourself be open you can’t seize anything if you are you know so buttoned up you can’t see outside yourself do you know that’s a really valid and wonderful point and what I love about doing this show and anytime I speak to somebody new everyone brings them something slightly different to the table in terms of what they suggest and recommend or a bit of advice and that’s really really important what you just said they’re actually to keep open particularly when people feedback to you because you learn that way don’t you taking stuff on board and I certainly don’t know everything an idol I love the fact that I learn every single day and I want to improve every single day I want to be the best possible person I can be and that’s a really great point really fat I love that I love that a lot thank you so much podcast lovers hello hello hello how are you all now I’ve got a treat for you today not only is it gloriously sunny in London but I have got a lovely lady joining me on the show she’s an author a sailor a golfer and I understand a beer drinker I’ve not yet had the had the pleasure of joining you for one she’s also won a GC GCLs Goldie for her debut book four steps please put your hands together for the wonderful when Hudson morning introduction okay finally to wrap this up and since it’s a seize the day theme what would you say to anybody who’s looking to you know take a leap of faith do something that they’ve always wanted to do go out of their comfort zone perhaps not get sick in order to do it but yeah what would you recommend they do just to get out and you know take control and seize their dreams I think I think you just need to like look back at your life so far and I like take a minute to actually recognize everything that you’ve already overcome because you know I think it you would it would be very rare to find a person like on this entire planet who hasn’t had some kind of heartbreak or trauma or you know major thing to deal with and I think once you recognize all these other things that you’ve already got through then you you know you know that you can do it again I absolutely love that because we don’t reflect enough on ourselves do we and actually acknowledge what we’ve achieved already and how we’ve overcome so much that’s really valid good I like that a lot so yes thank you so much for coming on it’s been a true pleasure thank you very much for having me as on giving up your time it’s been yeah it’s been great fun definitely so that’s it folks I hope you enjoyed hearing that back as much as I did it made me smile warm my heart just beautiful and thanks to everybody who’s been on the show those seven guests are special wow I mean I’m really lucky I’m very grateful and I don’t take anything for granted so thank you all for coming on when you did and I hope everybody I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day and week and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening as always you can contact me on my email natalie Miller snow at gmail.com Facebook and Twitter are not malice now the website is seized the – stay calm and Instagram is seize the day underscore today and if you want to get in contact I’d love to hear from you or if you have any suggestions for future shows I am all ears I really appreciate you listening take care look after yourself keep well you have been listening to seize the day that Natalie Venice now all contact information can be found in the shownotes together with any links to websites or may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast then come talk to us at a lesbian talk show chat group on Facebook email us on podcast at the lesbian talk show comm or follow us on Twitter at lesbian talk show you can also join our community of patrons and gets exclusive content go to patreon.com/thelesbiantalkshow the link is in the show notes thank you thank you thank you [Music]