5 Steps to Attract What You Want into Your Life

5 Steps to Attract What You Want into Your Life – The Law of Attraction  is the focus of this episode of Seize the Day Podcast with Natalie Miller-Snell.

In todays show I explore the Law of Attraction.  A simple concept which gives us all the opportunity to attract great things into our lives; manifesting what we want.  The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life

I talk through five steps which can help facilitate the Law of Attraction; 5 simple tips to help bring success into our lives and all that we desire.

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Quote from Sophie’s World by Jostein Garrder

“A sculptor is working on a large block of granite… one day a little boy comes by and says, ‘What are you looking for?’ ‘Wait and see,’ answers the sculptor. After a few days the little boy comes back, and now the sculptor has carved a beautiful horse out of the granite. The boy stares at it in amazement, then he turns to the sculptor and says, ‘How did you know it was in there?’”


Book mentioned in this episode

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Publisher Gildan Media

Available on Audbiobook Yes, narrated by Sean Pratt


One of the best-selling self-help books of all time, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind has helped millions around the world achieve remarkable success, simply by changing the way they think. Dr. Murphy’s mind-focusing techniques are based on a simple principle: If you believe in something without reservation and picture it in your mind, you can remove the subconscious obstacles that prevent you from achieving the results you want and your belief can become a reality.

As an advocate of what is now popularly known as the Law of Attraction, Murphy shows that anyone can unleash extraordinary mental powers to build self-confidence, to create harmonious relationships, to gain professional success, to amass wealth, to conquer fears and phobias, to banish bad habits, and even to effect physical healing and promote overall well-being and happiness.

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote, taught, counseled, and lectured to thousands of people all around the world for nearly 50 years.

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[Music] you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller-Snell now during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to throughout those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all it’s Thursday I am Natalie and you are listening to seize the day hello again miss chatting to you all I hope you’re all well it’s spring people I mean we are well and truly into spring it’s the middle of May I can’t believe it it’s quite crackers and the weather in in the UK is Wow it’s glorious blue skies today sunshine is out so I’m hoping this is now the start of what will be a lovely end of spring and beautiful summer what to tell you I’ve been I’ve been seeing a couple of movies this week and went to see endgame which is a great movie I don’t know who else has seen it I’d love to get your thoughts and I popped to see detective Pikachu with my son’s the other day now I’m not entirely sure who was more excited then or me I downloaded the Pokemon go app a few maybe a couple of months ago now and I play it quite a lot with my youngest Alex oh there Jamie also plays too and I’ve got quite hooked on it I tell myself that I’m going to catch these Pokemon for the boys my reality isn’t I’m quite loving it so yeah I’ve put that out there now I’m proud I loved it but the film is brilliant highly recommend so today’s show is well I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of thinking recently a lot of thinking about how things people events and situations come into our lives and why things happen the way they do which led me on to the law of attraction so I thought it was an absolutely smashing topic and very apt for seize the day so I’m going to be talking all about the law of attraction and exploring exactly what it is so the law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person will bring positive or negative experiences into their lives I think I’m I’ve said this before in another show you know this is right up my alley and it’s a super simple concept positive thoughts bring positive things like attracts like as I say I mentioned in one of my earlier shows and it might have been one of my very first shows I think turning negative to positive the impact repetitive words can have on your outlook in psyche is enormous when you repeat negative words you’ll start to believe it so we need to change those words to positive words and believe them and as it’s mental health awareness week this week this is a very appropriate subject I read somewhere we wouldn’t talk negatively to our friends the way we talk to ourselves inside our mind and we hold that negative inside and it will attract negative things since we’re not vibrating at the right frequency to allow the positive in now I don’t know about you but when I’m down everything crappy comes my way and when I’m up everything wonderful happens because I tend to say yes more I’m much more open I’m much more engaged so it’s about addressing that mental outlook and how it affects the Law of Attraction we’ve all heard the expression be careful what you wish for and it’s so so so true and this also links back to intent if we are not clear with our intentions or if we wish for something and we’re not sure about it and we’re not clear we’re not crystal clear on our intention it will still manifest the law of attraction works constantly in the background and it’s really fascinating when thinking of questions regarding how the law of attraction works people tend to assume that they can make it work at specific times or that they can do something to bring it into their lives but we all need to appreciate and understand is the law of attraction is constantly working in the background it’s like that app you leave open on your phone that’s draining the battery it’s constantly working in the background so if you’re having a few crappy thoughts change them because those bad boys they are being acted on by the universe but there is the opportunity to change it you can correct it but it’s really worth noting that it is always happening in the background now I’ve always been really fascinated by this and I don’t know how many of you have heard this story the actor Jim Carrey during his early career when he was struggling with in his acting career he often thought of success and he’s talked about this widely and he imagined himself entertain the world and having huge success in 1985 he wrote himself a 10 million dollar cheque for acting services rendered and he dates it 10 years in the future Thanksgiving 1995 and he kept it in his wallet just before Thanksgiving in 1995 he discovered that he was going to make ten million dollars on his move his new movie at the time which was dumb and dumber I mean I find that incredible absolutely incredible the intention the law of attraction having such clear vision as to what he wanted to happen and how did he do it it is a perfect example of using the law of attraction if you’re always thinking about what you want you will attract more of it Joseph Murphy stated in his book the power of your subconscious mind once you learn to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind you can bring into your life more power more wealth more happiness and joy you don’t need to acquire this power you already possess it I think that’s fabulous and very true it’s tricky to get your mind around it but when you listen to stories like that the Jim Carrey one it’s truly inspiring and shows it’s possible so let’s manifest what we want and bring it into our life now you can either do it the Jim Carrey way and write yourself a check or there’s some other steps that you can take and I’ve listed them out as as five steps step one be clear on what you want become conscious of your thoughts everything you think say or feel becomes your reality believe it and remember that universe the law of attraction is happening in the background all the time so focus on what you want to be very clear step two ask the universe now you can either commit it to paper like Jim Carrey did which is a very therapeutic way to do things you can make yourself a vision board which is another incredible visual stimulus to keep yourself focused definitely verbalize it every day whether its internal or if you want to speak out loud and then be grateful and acknowledge what you receive along the way be very aware of what’s happening it’s quite an important thing to focus on then step three work towards your goals and what you want things take work you can’t just you can’t just think about it and it’s gonna happen you also need to walk through doors you also need to say yes you also need to recognize when something’s happening on this you know this could be interesting or this might help me but then conversely step four trust your journey as unusual as it might seem embrace it and then Step five keep your vibration high clear yourself of your resistance which can be achieved in so many different ways and these are all very basic items I talk about on every single show be conscious of the food you eat drink plenty of water meditate find something beautiful and appreciate it and see how it changes now I’ve got two stunning trees in my garden they’re absolutely beautiful and the one tree I often verbalize loudly crikey you’re looking great today look at the leaves you’re beautiful and blah blah blah the second tree I don’t do it so much because typically it hasn’t looked as healthy so i I’ve herbal eyes oh you’re not looking so good I made a conscious decision at the end of last year to speak to them both equally now I know I sound like a complete nutcase and I really don’t care but I hope speaking to both trees the same way and I kid you not they have both blossomed beautifully this year so find something beautiful and appreciate it project some love onto that thing be grateful practice acts of kindness and get your blood pumping however you choose to do it so there’s some really great tips there now I’m a huge philosophy fan and one book which blew my mind in my twenties was a book by Justine Garda in the books called Sophie’s world one of my favorite book quotes comes from this book and I’d like to read it to you a sculptor is working on a large block of granite one day a little boy comes by and says what are you looking for wait and see answers the sculptor after a few days the little boy comes back and now the sculptor has carved a beautiful horse out of the granite the boy stares at it in amazement then he turns to the sculptor and says how did you know it was there I absolutely adore that looking at things was such a different perspective is incredible and children do that in one of its just magic Michelangelo is reported to have said that every piece of marble has a figure already in it that is waiting to be discovered and displayed by the sculptor again truly incredible but it’s a different way of looking at things and I believe it’s our task to discover and sculpture our own lives through thought and considered intention we can create what we desire so be a child live in that wonder and be open it’s what we see in the world how we shape our minds and our visions and therefore our destinies and we are fully in control so to summarise it’s a really simple concept the law of attraction is focusing on what you want so it can manifest and it happens in the background all the time it doesn’t switch off to help facilitate the manifestation write things down read them over and over create a vision board be clear on what you want ask the universe work towards the goals and Trust the journey and definitely keep your vibration high you know I’ve loved this show it’s got me thinking and I love to think I love to challenge my mind so thank you so much for listening now I put a note on Twitter and Facebook the other day for show topics Selene Doreen and Alex thank you so much for your feedback I will incorporate your suggestions into future show so I really appreciate it thank you as always you can contact me on my email which is Natalie Miller-Snell at gmail.com my website is seize the – day.com instagram is seize the day underscore today Twitter and Facebook are both Natalie Miller-Snell now you are all gorgeous thank you so much take care look after yourself keep well you have been listening to seize the day but Natalie Venice now all contact information can be found in the show notes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast then come talk to us at a lesbian talk show chat group on Facebook email us on podcast at the lesbian talk show comm or follow us on Twitter at lesbian talk show you can also join our community of patrons and gates collusive content go to patreon.com/scishow and talk show the thank you thank you thank you [Music]