5 Steps to Achieving Goals and Success

In today’s show of Seize the Day, I talk through how we can achieve our goals and success in 5 easy steps.

Studies have shown that success can be achieved through commitment, flexibility, planning and setting attainable goals. Anyone can achieve extraordinary things when focused, practiced and dedicated.

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Natalie Miller-Snell now during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to see the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to grab those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all I hope you’re well it’s Thursday I’m Nathalie and you are listening to seize the day no let me tell you what’s been going on with me you might hear in the background my kittens oh my goodness I love them I’ve actually had to put them out of the room because they are job they’re into everything and making so much noise so you may hear a few scratches on the door or well crashes maybe he knows what they’re up to but they’re gorgeous what else to tell you I started my new job last week which is great so that’s going to keep me very very very busy for the immediate future we’re all into a new routine which is working very successfully so I’m very grateful and exercise and I’m back full strength into it I’m so excited managing my food intake as well and in two weeks I’ve lost 2% fat which is great because I did well let’s face it I did gain a bit over Christmas so I’ve got a bit of work to do but I’m no I’m really excited it’s going work I started really well which is great so I hope you’re all good too now I’ve mentioned before I’m doing a life coaching course which I’m loving it’s absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed doing it and I thought I would share some tips on how to achieve goals which I’ve been going through throughout the course and I’ve written a unit on as well so today’s show is entitled 5 steps to achieving goals now before we get there it’s really good to focus on what success means to each of us because that ultimately drives the goal achievements and what it is that we’re trying to do with our lives and success is really interesting since it means something completely different to each of us history would have us believe that a person’s success is measured by wealth education social status and career achievements however success is very personal and very individual and it can be influenced by so many things as we walk through our lives including perception upbringing and the social environment and our own definition of success we’ll also continually change as we mature and in some cases we really might not be able to measure it what we believe to be success because it is very what is so specific and personal and subjective for us so in order to define what success means it’s good to think about a few questions such as what do I enjoy doing and why what things don’t I enjoy doing and why what are my strengths versus the areas of improvement what makes me happy and what makes me sad when am i most content and a really great one what motivates me is it material rewards status creativity perhaps a purpose stability autonomy or maybe the immuno power drives us what we know in terms of motivation so all fantastic questions to ask ourselves in terms of being able to define what success means to us committing this to paper helps define it prioritize and understand our view of success now it’s interesting more often than not we walk through life with no clear purpose and we perceive those around us to be more successful and in reality those individuals are successful because they are designing their future they understand what it is that they want to achieve they plan for it and they take action however it’s really important to bear in mind that their success path may not be relevant or appropriate for us so we need to be authentic to ourselves and not just look at somebody else and I’ll crack you there doing this I should be doing that all they’re doing that really well that might not be right for us so it’s good to use their attainment as inspiration to push us towards our own goals and success rather than it coming from a place of envy and it’s worth remembering that we could already be really sick in much of what we do but we just don’t see it like that so in those cases is actually really good to have cheerleaders around us or even get yourself a coach to help you recognize where you’re being successful in order to help you continue to identify and define success and therefore plan and achieve your goals accordingly because we all have different definitions for success someone’s idea of success might be getting back to work or starting a new venture after having a family I’ve become in that feeling of inadequacy or anxiety even perhaps your idea of success is planning to be a CEO by the time you’re 40 or 50 or success for you is writing and publishing a novel your first novel so it’s very different for every everybody studies have shown that success can be achieved through commitment flexibility planning and setting attainable goals anybody anybody can achieve extraordinary things when focused practice and dedicated as Matthew Syed said and I’ve mentioned his book before bounce or rather he suggested in 2011 Talon is not an innate ability with practice repetition tenacity and resilience we can all succeed at absolutely anything there goes the khitans so let’s look at those five steps to achieving your goals now when any goal is written down it changes our approach our motivations and our attitude now for example I might have mentioned on these podcasts I’ve got a white border that I’m looking at in front of me and it’s a real game-changer for me because I write on here absolutely everything that I want to achieve and I’ve you know put it out as well go through these steps now in workable format for me to be able to move forward progress and achieve my goals so it’s a real game changer however you work you might work on paper you might like a journal you might like a whiteboard you might like things up on walls you might be visual but when you write your goal down the key is writing it down and it changes our approach the written word provides a clear concrete plan towards success and achievement thank you for being an awesome listen and supporting tilts the channel that brings you all the podcasts you want to hear Erin listening to talks find more podcasts on the Lisbon talk show com so let’s look at the five steps to achieve success number one is defining your goal now when we define the goal is important that we are specific and we set a timeline and that age-old acronym is incredible at a time like this smart SMA arty specific measurable achievable realistic and timely we need to make sure we factor all of that into what is our goal when when do we want to achieve things so for example I might want to be and this isn’t my actual goal but just given a general idea I could say I want to be a coach in five years so I’m setting my goal this is what I want to achieve it needs to be measurable it needs to be achievable it needs to be realistic and it needs to be timely so I’ve got my goal then item two is assess the obstacles forward planning identifying obstacles which may prevent us get into our goals is really important and these can often be referred to as barriers so for example in achieving a goal financial items may become a barrier not having the means to support the goal or another barrier could be a commitments you these can range from family commitments to work commitments to gyms social or all of it together another barrier could be setbacks and failure now this is huge and this is really important as well because throughout any journey throughout any kind of desire to achieve success and achieve our goals we are going to experience perceived failures or setbacks and failure is hard to deal with it times particularly if we do not feel we have another solution to help facilitate the path we may just give up so that’s a really important one to consider in terms of a barrier or on obstacle and impostor syndrome many people feel on deserving of success or achievement they don’t feel like they belong that success is not achieved through their own merit now I think a lot of us can identify with that as we walk through life we don’t feel that we belong or that we’re in the right situation and I’ve spoken to many people on this very topic as well so it’s an important one to have in your mind as a potential obstacle or barrier because it might crop up along the way and then the third part of the third step in terms of achieving your goal is to plan how to overcome these obstacles so we’ve assessed them now we need to plan for them make up a back-up plan of solutions to overcome the obstacles and you might need to use some out of box thinking to get these solutions and plan for them so for example the financial side of things dependent on the type of goal there may be options for free support or there may be options for funding or sponsorship or something like that so it means just getting out there to have a look around to see if you can find an opportunity to get that support or that it may be that goal needs to be adapted slightly perhaps set for a longer period of time and then that comes back to the original definition being specific in order to be able to secure funding to support the venture or you might have another creative way of coming up with it but it’s good to have you know how do you overcome that obstacle commitments now we all have commitments in life and if you’re wanting to achieve something outside of regular patterns we need to be really clear on how we achieve that so we need to break the goal down into manageable chunks and be disciplined with our times allocating slots wherever and for everything now I’m smiling I’m just laughing social media for example gets in the way so we need to be disciplined about switching off for me given an example this week I’ve started at a new job I had penciled in some time one of the evenings to do a bit of research on my course now I knew at the back of my mind it was very unlikely I’d be able to do it it’s a first week back I’d be tired and I probably wouldn’t get round to it and I didn’t do it gratefully I had a contingency plan and I’ve got other days booked in in case I didn’t achieve that I shouldn’t have actually written it in there because all that does and we’ll come back onto it well I’ll come on to it in another point is it gives you a sense of failure or I haven’t been able to achieve something so this goes back to being realistic and what you can achieve to make sure you’re able to achieve it so you don’t feel like you’re failing when we fail to achieve even the smallest things this can have a negative impact on our mental attitudes towards the goal and its overall progress so it’s really important to make sure that we write down achievable realistic solutions to overcome in an obstacle and break in that time down into manageable pieces and being disciplined and on the flip side when we do succeed in our milestones and our targets we feel entirely empowered so it’s really important to get that right one of the other examples of an obscure mentioned was setbacks or perceived failures now it’s always really good to plan for any eventuality when setting out steps to achieve goals failure or perceived failure is easier to manage when there was another solution there to help support us and additionally it’s also worth recognizing that a lot of the successful people in the world be that friends or anybody that you watch follow on social media or you admire they’ve worked through a lot of failures in their lifetime to get where they are now who is it Thomas Edison he invented the light bulb he’s reported to have said he didn’t fail a thousand times to invent the light bulb he successfully made and invented a thousand light bulbs that didn’t work but that’s a really fantastic way to look at it and also so many people have so many setbacks but they persist and they carry on so it will happen you’ll get down in the dumps reevaluate look for inspiration elsewhere carry on and then the final item I mentioned in terms of an obstacle impostor syndrome this happens and one of the first points I’d say in terms of overcoming this or having us you know to overcome this obstacle is recognizing that it is real it affects a lot of people and that will give you a sense of peace immediately reassurances are important and talking through what you’ve achieved in your life with family friends or whomever highlight previous successes will help reinforce that you aren’t an impostor and that you are capable and that you are amazing and perhaps six and feedback from trusted peers or colleagues or folk who you trust who will help reinforce that no I can do this and I I’m capable and I’m deserving and you’re enough and all of that kind of good stuff so that’s the first three points item four in the steps to achieving your goals is set in a program now the program must be realistic and that goes back to point one when you define in smart you know smart measurable attainable realistic timely it’s got to be a realistic timeline failure is certain if an unrealistic timeline is produced and we are over committed just take my example about work last week I knew that wouldn’t work if I had that constantly and I didn’t achieve my goal I would probably give up so we need to be really realistic with the timeline the program needs to include a start it needs to include completion dates tasks reminders deadlines however you set yourself up and there are some incredible tools online on our smartphones all of that good stuff to help reminders and you know schedule out what we need to do and break it down into smaller bite-sized chunks now I’ve mentioned already my my whiteboard I’ve got my ultimate goal written up and then I’ve broken it down into yearly monthly attainable realistic milestones that I want to achieve and that I know I can achieve so however you do it set up that program and then finally step 5 is following the program once the plan is in place we should add every element to a calendar and follow the plan in sequence celebrating all of the success at each Marton is really important and it’s also worth considering but these following ideas in order to help you push yourself forward so use positive formations of Mancha’s again on my whiteboard I’ve got a couple of key mantras and positive affirmations that I read and repeat on a daily basis get yourself a mentor if required that’s really important if you know help you focus and you know push you forward on your on your journey remain adaptable and flexible that’s really great because if you can flex with things it helps you overcome obstacles and still move forward focus on what’s been achieved before I’ve mentioned it already realized that you can do it you are capable you’re brilliant and maybe in that case if you are doubting yourself step away chills you have some chill time and then come back and in doing that seeks and feedback along the way and learn from it so you know we all learn we all make some mistakes learn from it and move forward there’s no harm in that practice in self-discipline as I’ve mentioned is really important and helps us feel motivated and rewarding those achievements and celebrating success is really important in order to succeed we must be prepared for hard work and the possibility of setbacks we need to remain focused and be resilient to overcome challenges and in such circumstances as I’ve mentioned focus on success stories either personal anecdotes or those from you know Thomas Edison if you need to in spite of adversity individuals push through try and try again to reach their goals success does not happen overnight sacrifice commitment and making time play a huge part and we are able to achieve our goals that’s the beauty there are examples everywhere and probably you have your own we can achieve it it’s about being realistic with our time so to recap the five main points of achieving your goals are defining the goal number one define your goal be smart with it number two assess the obstacles try to bring out everything you could possibly think that might be an obstacle in you achieving your goals then plan to overcome those obstacles number three plan to overcome them four set up a program and break it down into you know decent size small chunk piece of you know bits and bobs that you need to do set up your program and then follow through follow the plan number five follow it through and achieve your success so thanks for listening everybody I really hope you’ve enjoyed this and I hope it helps or if you’ve got any other tips as well or you want to share your success stories or you want to share what it ultimately be success stories perhaps you’ve had some setbacks but you’ve overcome them please get in contact I’d love to hear from you as always my email address is natalie miller snell at gmail.com all of the other contact bits and bobs will be in the show notes website is sees the – stay calm twitter is nat melissa nel I think Instagram is seize the day underscore today Facebook or it’s all it’s all gonna be in the show notes so yeah get in contact and I hope you’re all well have a wonderful couple of weeks and I’ll speak to you soon take care look after yourself keep well you have been listening to seize the day with Natalie Venice now all contact information can be found in the show notes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast please come and talk to us at the tilt talk show chat group on Facebook or follow tilt on Twitter you can also contact me directly on email which is Natalie Miller snell at gmail.com thank you thank you thank you