5 Benefits of a Daily Routine

5 Benefits of a Daily Routine is the topic of this episode of Seize the Day Podcast with Natalie Miller-Snell.

Research has shown that a daily routine, such as regulated sleeping and eating patterns, can be beneficial and help reduce stress, improve sleep and help with mental health.

In todays show:

  • the benefits of a daily routine
  • What is a daily routine?
  • Why is it important?

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Books referenced on the show

Alone by E J Noyes

Publisher Bella Books

Available on Audio Narrated by Abby Craden


Half a million dollars will be Celeste Thorne’s reward for spending four years of her life in total isolation. No faces. No voices. No way to leave.

Since Celeste has never really worried about being alone, the generous paycheck she’ll receive for her participation in the solitary psychological experiment seems like easy money.

When she finds an injured hiker in the woods bordering her living compound, her strictly governed world is thrown into disarray. But even as she struggles with the morality of breaking the rules of the experiment, Celeste can’t deny her growing attraction to the kind and enigmatic Olivia Soldano. Still, how much can you really trust a stranger? And how much can you trust yourself when you know all the faces you’ve seen and voices you’ve heard for the past three years have only been your imagination?

But what’s real? Celeste’s reality may lie somewhere between the absolute truth and a carefully constructed deception.

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Full English by Rachel Spangler

Publisher Bywater Books


After a publicly humiliating divorce, best-selling author Emma Volant runs away to hide in the seaside English village of Amberwick, where she doesn’t know another living soul. She wants nothing more than to surrender to her broken heart in private. However, when the locals discover their newest resident is world famous, they gather at the local pub and hatch a plan to draw Emma out of her self-imposed isolation, hoping her celebrity status will elevate the village’s reputation to something more than a holiday hotspot. It doesn’t take long for them to try to rope their favorite bartender, Brogan, into the act.

Born and raised in Amberwick, Brogan McKay has built a comfortable life by never overreaching. Part-time jobs and short-term flings have always been good enough for her, but when she meets her beautiful and wounded new neighbor, Brogan realizes Emma has the potential to wreck the carefully controlled expectations she uses to protect her heart.

Despite their obvious attraction and growing friendship, both Emma and Brogan are in firm agreement that neither of them is in a position to look for love, but how long can they fight their fears and desires as the events and people around them all conspire to create a full English love story?

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Websites that offer advice on routines

Blurt It Out


Skilled Life

Transcript for 5 Benefits of a Daily Routine

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[Music] you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller-Snell during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to grab those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all it’s Thursday I’m Natalie and you are listening to seize the day it feels like forever again since recording one of these how are you have you had a good summer I hope you’re all well cracky what’s been happening with me it feels like so much I’ve been away on holiday which was absolutely incredible just beautiful I went to Crete with my entire family it was relaxing it was peaceful I got myself a massage when I was over there we ate and drank so much kuroky I really need to detox now the the September is the new January that’s for sure so yeah I need to get back into shape which is all good and while I was away I read my favorite book of 2019 so far alone by the fabulous Emily noise oh my goodness it’s an I mean Emily writes beautifully I’ve said it before or not on her other books the emotion on this page is in this book it’s just roar it’s got such an impact it’s so fantastic I absolutely loved it and Emily definitely had me questioning my own sanity while I was reading and I may have shed a few tears but it’s incredible it focuses on a character by the name of Celeste thorn who has agreed to take part in an experiment spending four years of her life in total isolation no faces and no voices and no way to leave and it’s her exploration of what’s real and how much can she trust it’s really really really fantastic in fact I’ve got to Emily coming on the show I’ve got some great guests coming up one seize the day and I’ve got Emily coming up on the show in oh goodness okay well I’m not sure of the air date yet but we’re going to be recording in a couple of weeks and no doubt we will talk about alone so you’re here we talk a bit more about that in another show and I’m presently reading Rachel Spangler’s full English and I’ve just started it I’ve got to say I really enjoy reading the acknowledgments in books and that kind of sets the tone for me in terms of how the books going to be I really enjoy what gets put in those few words I don’t know quite how the author’s feel about it and I love what Rachel did at the beginning of this book and plus she’s put in a year pronunciation guide which is really fabulous it’s got me hooked immediately and I’m really excited to continue reading it and now what else do I have to tell you I’ve narrated a short story it’s been edited at the moment so I’m not entirely sure what’s give a sound like and it’s actually going to air on a different channel it’s not going to be on Caesar day so I’ll keep you posted about when and what’s happening with that but it was really exciting to do so I’m looking forward to it being out there and now my children returned to school today oh my goodness summer is over Christmas will now be here we’ll be talking about Halloween and whatnot soon and Guy Fawkes yeah it was emotional dropping them off I mean usually my wife and I do it together so it was the first time I’ve done it on my own she started a new job today actually and yeah I had to they both went in at the same time for you for those of you’ve got children you probably have similar things when they’re young they stagger sometimes the drop-off and certainly when it’s the beginning of the year they will tend to go in a bit later so both my boys went in at the same time so I had to leave one of them were friends it was yeah I was a bit emotional got to say I’m gonna miss them but I’m also excited to have my days back and to get into a routine so I thought today it would be a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of a daily routine in fact I want to talk about five benefits so what is a routine and why do we need it now I’ve gone to the dictionary to get a definition on this a routine is a customary or regular course of procedure commonplace tasks chores or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals so typical or everyday activity so routine is an organized structure to your day which allows you to create predictability in your life routine allows us to feel safe and without a routine there would be there’ll be a lot of uncertainty in our lives and our everyday functioning would slow down because we’re not sure what we’re what we should be moving forward with and because we have too much to think about it could become overwhelming the certainty of things can be a real comfort now there may be some of you listening just thinking what what are you talking about why do we need to be safe why do we need to be so specific well I can’t we just let things happen and it’s a good question so let’s imagine it what would your workday look like if there was no routine and then which is a really interesting thought because I’m going through this right at the moment I’m not working don’t have a routine and I know there are many folk who work from home or work for themselves who could probably comment on this as well it kind of sounds fun not having a routine and just letting the time well let things happen as it goes along let’s hit social media let’s sit on it for a while clickbait let’s do that and what happens after you you know you’ve lost those 4 to 5 hours which disappear without even thinking without blinking you’d feel unsettled certainly I do nothing’s been completed nothing’s got done and as a result we could feel a bit upset about it feel like we failed maybe because we didn’t do what we had hoped and the whole thing could get stressful and deadlines would start to approach much quicker when we’ve lost time like that because there’s no routine in place so panic could set in and I’ve definitely experienced this before and I wonder how many of you have – we then have to work longer hours and we have to work longer days so our bodies take a hit and we might get run down or we will fool that will fill them with junk food in order to keep us going or I don’t know lots of sugar drinks or those red board drinks and we might skip sleep as well so that and itself will make us feel less rational because we’re not able to process in the same way and you know I’m acutely aware of this because I’ve done this recently myself you know the past week or so I have not been sleeping particularly well certainly back off holiday and missing that routine which then means I can’t see the wood for the trees truth be told so having a routine helps us feel more in control and feeling in control builds confidence and the positivity and helps us achieve our goals and it’s it’s more than that there are so many more benefits of which I’ve listed out five which I’m going to talk through now the first item can be ticking off that to-do list by having a good routine you give yourself the opportunity to actually do what you need to do in to actually complete your to-do list you’re organized and you’re able to carve out chunks of your day to complete tasks so you’ll get an enormous amount of satisfaction you’re fearless sense of achievement and that will build their self-confidence it will be able general confidence and that self-love which ultimately leads on to mental health and well-being as well so taking off that to-do list is a great benefit of a daily routine second one is reducing stress I mean everything we certainly everything I speak about in these podcasts a lot of them help with reducing stress and it’s a really important thing in our lives that we want to try to eliminate in order to try to move through and achieve and reach goals and push ourselves forward so reducing stress by having a routine is really important it’s a great benefit you’ll eliminate the chaos you have a planned day you have a planned outlook now I’ve mentioned in other shows I’m a planner I’m a really big planner and in truth my anxiety and stress levels probably go into orbit when things become chaotic because I’m not a disorganized person generally and I like to feel organized I like that routine and when there’s not a routine there which again I’ve mentioned already has happened these past few weeks it’s really interesting for me because you know I I have to get myself organized as I find I struggle to function if you like and without routine I don’t like that feeling it gives me which is a feeling of stress I suppose so in saying all of that I like to have the routine and I like to be planned as mentioned in my planning show because if you plan and you have your routine for 85% the 15% that you can just free will becomes really enjoyable and you know you can have that pajama day of doing nothing you can you know take do nothing do something with your children and just carefree no structure just absolutely brilliant play so having the percentage the higher percentage of routine and planning really helps you able to unwind and have that then spare time as well the routine gives us certainty gives us control and it takes away any kind of guesswork which is a lab but what allows us to feel less stressed and you feel much more at peace knowing where you need to be and what you need to do and when you’re listening to the lesbian talk show the lesbian talk on your hub of podcast information so it reduces stress the third point it helps with sleep and again I’m using my own examples here these are all personal and they’re all very relevant to this topic if I think about this summer I’ve spent at home my sleep pattern has been absolutely out of the window because I haven’t had to get off work you know the boys have been at home so it’s been much more casual and up but I need my sleep I’ve been going to bed really late as well because you know whatever’s on the telly or wood you know catching up we’ve had bad friends around for dinner and drinks and whatnot so my sleep patterns completely at the window I like I say I need my sleep I’ve turned into an ogre otherwise literally sleep is really important for a mentor so let me say Oliver again sleep is really important for our mental health as well because when we get enough rest and by having the predictability of a sleep pattern when we go to bed and wake our body gets used to that cycle and therefore it starts to set the clock for us so this means by having a regular sleep routine we should we should find it easier to actually fall to sleep or fall asleep and sleep better once we’re asleep and I know a lot of folks struggle with sleeping so by having that routine and by having that condition and that repetitive predictability of it it actually helps your body clock get into that into that mode and there’s but there’s a lot on the internet if you want to Google more about sleep routine and sleep cycles but having the routine really helps though the fourth item is creating time when we’ve got a routine when we’ve got stuff planned we give ourselves the opportunity to do things that we love and this goes back to the higher percentage of planning versus you know the freedom to do some crazy stuff or you know some free time with a routine you can make way for the stuff that you really enjoy like reading I adore reading and when I don’t have a routine in my life I miss that chunk of free time that I have to be able to read and I really really miss it and that always suffers it seems to be the first thing that doesn’t happen and then other stuff gets in the way so if you are able to have a routine so you’ve got chunks of time that you’ve allocated out to do X Y and Zed you can then get on and do your a B’s and C’s and maybe check in some h GH is and eyes and whatever they have a bit isn’t whatever order I haven’t said that in but you know what I mean it creates time for you to do what you want to do so that’s 4 points finally and in fact actually all of these effect this last item as well mental health when we have a routine it is really good for our mental health all of these items are great for mental health but just let’s give mental health its own point as well because it really affects us and it’s so important and as a society we’re beginning to talk about it more which is really really wonderful now reading online I found this article that states and I’ll quote it in the show notes that a solid daily routine has been used to help treat people with bipolar disorder which I find is absolutely amazing but makes sense now according to please forgive me I’m not saying this name correctly salan boils sa ly n n salan sali Oh forgive me anyway and boils on Web MD com she estates researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine report that bipolar patients fared better when their treatment stressed the importance of establishing daily routines for things like sleeping and eating social rhythms therapy as it’s been dubbed by the researchers is based on the idea that a regular sleeping habits and those associated with other daily activities can trigger manic episodes by disturbing the body’s sleep wake clock so this is all really interlinked the mental health the sleeping the stress factor it’s all really important and it all goes down to and boils back down to the routine having a solid routine is really important for mental health and all of these aspects that that quote really echoes what I’ve already said about the sleep benefits about creating time and about reducing stress it’s all interlinked so to summarize what I’ve already covered a daily routine is the structure and predictability it’s about structure and predictability a routine gives certainty which can be a real comfort and is a real comfort the benefits are numerous but the five items that I focus on are being able to tick off that to-do list reducing stress improved sleep creating time for you to do the stuff you want to do which makes you feel so satisfied because you’ve got the other good stuff going on and it all helps with mental health which is an amazing thing and a really important topic that we’re talking more and more about which is great I know doctor by any stretch of the imagination this is just a lot of common sense to me and stuff that I’ve googled online so if you’ve got any thoughts or anything that you need to explore more that might be have a more medical condition please consult with your doctor but hopefully these are just really good tick points checklist if you like in order to establish a good routine in your life and I can’t wait to get mine going again I really can’t I’m missing my boys actually I really have to say and I’m gonna go and pick them up soon but I’m looking forward to getting the routine back in to get in exercise back in that is another benefit that you could chuck in here having time to exercise and the great list that comes from exercising not only do you feel great my age you feel fitter no need you get fitter the mental of that as well the mental health that comes with it so much good stuff about creating you know more time from having a routine so thanks for listening if you’ve got any comments or any thoughts on that or if you what do you do for your daily routine what does it consist of how did she get up to your breakfast at home do you have it on the way to work do you have it at work do you go to the gym regulatory work out regularly to you does your job naturally give you the oh the wonder of being physical so you get to work out on a daily basis already you know let me know get in contact always willing to listen to your great feedback and also it’s lovely and to hear from you as well contact details are all the same and they will all be in the show notes the main one which is the website sees the – stay calm or you can contact me at Nathalie Millis now at gmail.com and Instagram is seize the day underscore today I hope you’re all well I hope you’ve had a magic summer mine has been truly special and I can’t wait to catch up with you again take care look after yourself keep well you have been listening to seize the day with Nathalie Venice now all contact information can be found in the show notes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast then come talk to us at a lesbian talk show chat group on Facebook email us on podcast at the lesbian talk show calm or follow us on Twitter at lesbian talk show you can also join our community of patrons and geeks collusive content go to patreon.com/scishow the link is in the show notes thank you thank you thank you [Music]